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  1. Killian665

    Stroker Crank Options Besides Hot Rods

    Yeah I ride it on the highway a lot to get to and from Atlanta. I watche the YouTube video ACT made comparing the stock close vs their wide ratio sets with stock S/SM sprockets and E sprockets. They said on a stock DRZ, the gears are probably too long with the S/SM sprockets. But a big bore/stroker bike would really see the benefit. Their suggestion is really a big/bore stroker bike with the wide ratio gear set and use the E sprockets. Perfect balance apparently but you’d know better than me, that’s just what I’ve resesrched.
  2. Killian665

    Stroker Crank Options Besides Hot Rods

    Awesome. Well I appreciate all the info guys. I bought it on an impulse because I got my license like 4 months ago, bought a cheap BMW R1100R. Next week rode with 5 DRZ SMs and they said my nickname was “old man” (I’m 24 lol) until I got rid of the bmw. So I bought the ‘18 SM 3 days later. Come to find out it’s kinda slow and I probably could have gotten a KTM 450 or 500 for a little bit more. But I’ve grown to like it, just wish it was more on par with the other bikes out there.
  3. Killian665

    Stroker Crank Options Besides Hot Rods

    You will have no problem with wheelies doing a 462 build. With 15/38 gearing and a 150 tire I can stand it up in 4th by just leaning back and pinning it between 55-65 mph. Stock gearing or slightly lower and it would wheelie in all 5 gears. That’s really all I’m after. I was going to throw the ACT wide ratio gearset in it too since I had it apart, keep the stock sprockets. I ride on the highway a lot, I figured all the extra power I’d be blowing right through the gears all the time. Im assuming you’re running the hot rods crank? You just got the basic cams, fcr, and all that with it?
  4. Killian665

    Stroker Crank Options Besides Hot Rods

    I appreciate the info. I don’t compete with it, I just ride around town. Do wheelies and stuff. But I’ve just always been the type to try and put the best parts in my stuff so I only have to do it once. If Hot Rods isn’t bad then I’ll probably just go that route if Falicon or modifying my OE crank is crazy expensive.
  5. Killian665

    Stroker Crank Options Besides Hot Rods

    I’m just reading a lot about how hot rods is cheap Chinese stuff that works most of the time but does have a decent failure rate. And apparently they aren’t balanced that well and vibrate like hell. Stroking my factory crank with a better rod sounds like the ideal option. Is something like that a drop in after it’s done and I just get a 94mm piston from JE or something? I’m not too familiar with motorcycle engines yet as far as that type of thing goes.
  6. I’ve got a 2018 SM I’m collecting parts to big bore/stroker and the only crank options I’m seeing are Hot Rods. Are their other options? I find it hard to believe with as popular this bike is that they’re the only stroker crank supplier.
  7. So I bought a brand new SM last month and immediately started modding it. I installed the Zeta Trigger brake pedal and in doing so took it upon myself to lower the position of the brake pedal a bit becaus I found that it was uncomfortably high in the factory position. My question is in doing so I noticed the stud the brake clevis rides on has 3 nuts. One in the clevis, one directly on top to lock its position, and a 3rd half way tucked in the boot of the master cylinder. What does that 3rd one do because I accidentally moved it a bit when I was changing the height of the clevis. Does this affect slack in the pedal before it contacts the piston or what?