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  1. Killian665

    Anybody have an S/SM subframe?

    Bent mine looping the bike, need a perfect subframe for an SM. Didn’t see any in classifieds figured I’d ask here before I buy from some random person on eBay.
  2. Killian665

    FCR39 with TPS vs without

    That’s ridiculous haha, I want that. My only other question is with that type of setup is the 3x3 cut in the airbox still sufficient or do I need to open it up more once I start doing the big bore and the cams. Also, since it’s all going to be apart I was going to send the head off and do the +1 valves. Would that be too much without the stroker crank or can I go ahead and do it all then just add the crank later.
  3. Killian665

    FCR39 with TPS vs without

    Well what cams would you suggest for a 434 build then. If I can buy one carb and it be good for a 470 build later I’d prefer that. I’m not racing it so I don’t want all my power to be way up top, all I do with it is take it to the mountains occasionally but mostly wheelies and stuff around town. I ride with the Bikelife guys some times with their 4 wheelers and actual MX bikes, those YZ450s are 12 o’clock with just a crack of the throttle it’s ridiculous. I know I can’t get that out of a DRZ but I want similar power delivery.
  4. Killian665

    FCR39 with TPS vs without

    Yeah that was my other problem was 39 or 41. I’ve decided I’m just going to do the 434 and cams for now and then do the crank when the bottom end starts getting worn out. I know ultimately I’ll need the 41 but I didn’t know if it would be too big for the 434. Holy crap $620 for a used carb before shipping. That’s absurd lol.
  5. Killian665

    FCR39 with TPS vs without

    The fact that there are so many iterations of this carburetor is really annoying, different body styles, TPS or not, removable bellmouth or not. Hard to find a used one that’s a flat side with TPS and a removable bellmouth.
  6. Killian665

    FCR39 with TPS vs without

    Yeah there’s this site here that you can buy new or used rebuilt FCRs from and they give the option to include a TPS. I don’t think I’d buy from them but that’s what got me thinking about the TPS because they offer a choice. https://www.oemdirtbikeparts.com/DRZ400SM-DRZ400S-DRZ400-FCR-39-CARB-UPGRADE-KIT-p/drz400_carburetor_fcr39_carb.htm
  7. Killian665

    FCR39 with TPS vs without

    What effect does not having the TPS have on my bike? My issues with the TT kit are that it’s way too expensive for what you’re getting and that it also gives you a non TPS carb. I’ve seen some FCRs with a TPS and I’d rather have full functionality. Are the TPS models non MX FCRs and that’s why people don’t run them or what’s the deal?
  8. Killian665

    TST Industries Blinkers not working

    They leak water. The tail light that is. Check the lens I gaurantee you have moisture in it. I’ve already been through 3 in like 5 months because of it. I can always tell when it’s got water in it because my blinkers will either quit working or when I hit the brakes my blinker light on the dash comes on. The problem is the design as a whole with the pigtail being part of the unit. Water gets in through the harness grommet over time. I finally figured this out after the 3rd one and just RTVed the crap out of where the wires come out of the grommet and where the grommet meets the housing. Haven’t had an issue since.
  9. Killian665

    A lot of misinformation about jetting

    Thanks for the help guys I’ll make some changes and let y’all know how it goes.
  10. Killian665

    A lot of misinformation about jetting

    My current set up is what they suggested but the problem is also have a decent understanding of how a carburetor is supposed to work and if I’m able to crank it first hit when it’s 45 degrees outside without a choke then it’s definitely running rich.
  11. Killian665

    A lot of misinformation about jetting

    Yeah I just hate having to take the carb in and out haha. Would my first step be try adjusting the fuel screw or swap the pilot out and go from there?
  12. I bought my ‘18 DRZ back in June brand new. Since I’ve owned the bike it has never needed the choke to start, in fact using the choke would make it very hard to start but not using it, it fires every time the first time. That was bone stock. Now, I’ve got the 3x3 with the JD jet kit, fuel screw, K&N filter, and a full Yoshi RS2. Im running the 25 pilot and 160 main with the screw 2 and a half turns out, stock Mikuni carb. My bike still does not need the choke ever and since it did this bone stock, I assumed that was normal. Come to find out my pilot jet may be too large or at least that’s what I’m reading on some old posts. Something about if you have the Keintech screw then you wanna keep the stock 22.5 pilot jet or else it’ll be too rich. This made no sense to me since as I said earlier, the bike would always start without a choke bone stock since I bought it and I’d always read they were way lean in stock form. So I called JD Jetting and told them my mods and about what I’d read about not using their 25 pilot with the extended fuel screw. They told me that was a bunch of crap and people on the internet not knowing what they were talking about and told me my jet selections were fine. Bike runs fine as far as I know but I can’t help but realize that if the bike never requires a choke even if it’s cold out, then it is in fact running too rich a pilot jet and I’d like more power if I can get it. So should I go against what JD told me themselves and stick the stock 22.5 back in it?
  13. I like the look of the KTM light but hate how all the eBay specials are half ass mounted. Is there anything available that’s mounted a little more cleanly than some big rubber bands around the forks? Maybe something that uses the OEM mounting points and bolts but looks more modern.
  14. Killian665

    Is Eddie still the guy to talk to?

    Yeah that was my main gripe with the cylinder works stuff was that they only sold the cylinder and gaskets with their piston. ive got a lot to shop for and make a list of everything so I’ll get all my questions together and go from there.
  15. Killian665

    Is Eddie still the guy to talk to?

    That’s aweomse. I appreciate all the help and knowledge man. I’m used to the bmw forums where everyone talks out their ass and it’s all second hand information. Ill be in contact here soon as I’m probably going to want mine set up almost identical to yours.