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  1. Knopey

    OMFG this would hurt....

    How many times does "repost" need to be reposted?
  2. Knopey

    A couple helmet cam vids.

    Back on the topic, the vids, great job!
  3. Knopey

    husaberg 650fe

    What is "the other"? If they mean more maintenance than an XR400 then yeah. If they mean more maintenance than a KTM, Husky, or whatever other enduro bike, then nope. Oil change every 500k and you're fine The KTM 625sxc is a road/trail and is heavier and so forth. It could get by with somewhat less maintenance than a KTM EXC could - you gotta compare apples with apples
  4. Knopey

    Don't Taint the Blood - Husaberg Rocks my world!

    Heaven forbid that you'd ride in unmatching gear! Although free stuff is always nice
  5. Photobucket does not, repeat does NOT pose a security threat. There is nothing malicious about the PB site. They use a cookie when you log in, as all sites (inc TT) do. And that is it. Your work bans it because the net nazis deem it to be not work related, so you can't spend work time and work resources cyberbludging.
  6. Knopey

    Poster material????

    What sort of camera exactly was it shot with? Compact, SLR...? What MP? This picture you posted is a resized version presumably? Chances are it will be good on a poster, if it is grainy or blocked then hang it up high or somewhere you can't get up close enough to actually see that. It's a good cheater way of hiding it. Trying to retake the picture ain't going to happen, it's a one in ten thousand shot
  7. Knopey

    HUSABURG da "BURG" motoxotica

    Congrats Bob
  8. Knopey

    Helmet cam videos

    Very excellent, haven't even watched them all yet but good job!
  9. Knopey

    New Hcam video. #2

    Excellent vid Simon, AGAIN! Your vids are always awesome, thanks for spending the effort to lighten up our days at work lol. Much appreciated!
  10. Knopey

    Third gear pinned into a cow!!

    Craz, you have the wierdest way of showing "support" I have ever seen. Very funny video! Keep replaying the moment of impact, man that could have hurt. Glad to hear rider cow and bike are OK
  11. Knopey

    1st Half of 05

    Thanks good job
  12. Knopey

    My first video - BRP

    Direct link to video here, right click and save as: http://upload.putfile.com/videos/29508101689.mov Nice job (Don't worry about Craz, he never posts any vids himself but insults anything that doesn't have "sik air" in it.)
  13. Heaven on a stick, excellent as always Simon Very awesome video quality too! Much crisper than my mate's and my little effort here and here. By the way Savefile.com and Sendmefile.com allow for filesizes up to 50 and 60 mb I believe
  14. The latest DivX, version 6 opened it. Version 5 didn't (or my install was stuffed). Hmm rather them than me!