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  1. CRFJeff

    Tires on a budget

    I would save a little more money and buy a used honda. It will have better resale value anyway. And I suspect the better reliability will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. I would not buy a bike with all of the issues that Wild Alaskan just listed.
  2. CRFJeff

    new to off road in maine

    TTR230 or CRF230. I have a CRF230 that's dual sported and street legal and I use it as an around town bike/trail bike. It's great.
  3. CRFJeff

    what armor do you use for offroading?

    Does anyone know if the titan works with the Leatt 5.5 neck brace?
  4. Hey Guys, Been wanting to try a trials bike and lately I've been seeing a 1994 Fantic K-Roo popping up on local listings. Its listed for $1500 but the listing has been around for months so I'm guessing he'll come down a little bit. I'm wondering if this is a decent first trials bike, if they're known to be reliable, and if it will be very difficult to get parts. What do you know about these bikes? Thanks in advance!
  5. CRFJeff

    Is Leatt Gear Good?

    Please share the awesome deal
  6. I'd heard about those lines but I'd also heard about the bust factor so I've stayed away. Thanks for putting a number on the fines though, was wondering exactly what I was risking when I ride illegally.
  7. I just use contact lenses.
  8. CRFJeff

    Old guy new hobby

    I can't speak to the 350f, but I ride a KTM 200xc-w and I think it might be a good choice for you, if you can find one. It's light, reliable, and has plenty of low end. It's also easy to tame the powerband.
  9. CRFJeff


    IMO the 230 is not a good bike for what he's looking for. I have one too and while I love it on trails the suspension sucks for whoops and jumps. OP, if you're mainly riding track I'd look for an MX bike, maybe a 125 2t. It will need more frequent maintenance, but they're not hard to wrench on.
  10. I used to do a lot of buy/sell/trade on Craigslist. Guitars and instruments mostly. These days it just seems like craigslist is overrun with scammers. 9/10 messages are people offering bogus cashiers checks. I've had a lot more luck on FB marketplace lately, where I can check out the buyer or seller's profile and get a sense of their legitimacy. I still get low ball offers and people wanting to trade for ATVs, but I also get serious riders and decent trade offers.
  11. Yeah I understand that. I've found some decent spots from youtube and google earth. Honestly most of the best stuff I've found is by crossing into NH anyway.
  12. Buuuuump. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but since all of the legal riding areas are now closed for the season, I've been looking for some good places for short rides on rare winter sunny days. I know of a few sand pits around the Northshore, but most of them are iffy on the bust factor. A lot of the powerline trails have been shut down too, because of the National Grid lock-out. So, does anyone know a good area for some mellow sunday riding? Asking on the off chance someone is feeling generous w/ their knowledge and wants to trade PMs. Thanks!
  13. CRFJeff

    The KTM 200 Club

    I got a '14 for 3300... I would bide my time if I were you.