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  1. I cleaned my beautiful ktm exc-f 350 2018 today. I want it to be spark and clean in my garage during winter. The only thing still dirty is the exhaust pipe in front of the Engine. What do you guys use to clean it? Wire brush?
  2. yep with the tubliss , this rocky hill that i was strugling with became a piece of cake ?
  3. On my Wr250r, the stock handguard are bent and i want to replace it with Protaper or Renthal. I do offroad riding. Is the fatbar a lot more stronger or the regular 7/8 will do the job. The fatbar are lot more expansive because i need to replace the adapter...
  4. my butt and right foot slip down when the front wheel is verry high... Not good for control... Any ideas to prevent this ?
  5. my partner has the same bike as me Ktm exc 350 f 2018 with Tubliss. We switched bike and i was able to climb that hill verry easy.... so i installed Tubliss in the back ... Can't wait to try it
  6. I was searching some parts online for my bike (EXC 350-f 2018) and i saw the "WP Shims for settings". So is it something i can change to improve my fork? I am 150 lbs and i find the suspension too stiff..... Is it to adjust the fork preload?
  7. i removed the front wheel to verify and regrease the seal and spacer. I cleaned everything and i mistakenly poor wd40 on brake pad..... now it doesn't brake like before.... i sprayed brake cleaner....i did a couple emergency braking.....to reseat the pad on the disc.... no luck... any idea on what to do??
  8. How many Mileage you get from a full tank on a Exc-f 350 2018?
  9. Where i ride there is bick rock like water melon and more..... so it need to absorb and the bike is verry stiff stock for my weight That is why it is setup soft like a cadillac..... If i am going on a fast trail with bump and if the suspension botom out i'll put it stiffer Verry easy to do on this KTM.. Both clicker are on top of the forks...
  10. I would say the rocks were verry small.. the size of a potato.... I didn't feel the suspension having problem to absorb the bump. Compression is at the lowest (compress fast) Damping at lowest.... (rebound fast) I am only 150 lbs so stock adjustment was too stiff for me.... I think when it begin to fishtail, i should come back to central position ASAP. If i stay in back and the back is going side to side i'll loose balance for sure..... Or stay center and weight the suspension more by jumping on the pegs when it slip.....
  11. I was climbing a rocky hill (rock the size of a potato) and at some point the rear tire started to slip so i put my weight toward the back and soon after, the back of the bike started to fishtailing and eventually throw me out of balance and i had to stop and put a feet down..... I went back down hill and i started the climb all over again to get the same result. Why it is fishtailing like that? Any ideas? Maybe i was too far toward the back of the bike ? Maybe i keep the weight toward the rear too long.....Maybe i should come to central position as soon as i goet back the traction again.... everything is running fast when hill climbing.... Any suggestions ?
  12. what is really working is apply the front brake while giving a bit of throttle then dump the clutch... this work 100% all the time.... Front brake do a really good job at compressing the fork... I just learn that this week..... releasing throttle and moving body front and back is good too but i need more practice... Thanks for the tips.... Now i need to practice stand up
  13. According to Graham Jarvis, sometime we can use the back brake to help compress the fork. My question why to use the front brake? sorry my question is why not using the front brake?
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