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  1. Ttc2

    Who lives/rides in Ontario?

    Turns out they might be mostly old rail tracks.
  2. Ttc2

    Brake Pedal Side Play

    I just fixed my rear brake on my ktm that was doing this. 12$ bearings from amazon. Do the yammies have two bearings pressed in there ?
  3. Ttc2

    Taller foot pegs?

    Or the boots still really new? I find it gets better as they break in.
  4. Ttc2

    Ottawa canada

    Troy have you thought about a lowering kit? Drop the forks some and add a lowering link ? There’s also the cr150r and ktm 150s.
  5. Ttc2

    Ottawa canada

    You guys going this Tuesday night to sdl?
  6. Ttc2

    Who lives/rides in Ontario?

    Where about as are they ?
  7. So my bendix extends but doesn’t lock. I’ve taken it apart and it seems fine. The press fit shaft hasn’t failed and nothing seems broken. So I ask. What causes it to lock and stop free wheeling ? Is it those clutches with the spring ? Is there another mechanism to inspect ? I don’t think I need a new one as normally it’s the shaft that fails.
  8. My mistake. Can this be moved two two stroke.
  9. My new bike has the starter wiring ripped out and I’m trying to fix it. The switch is black and orange by the schematic says red yellow and red white iirc. Can someone go and check the wiring. My bike is a 2011 250xc. I’m pretty sure it’s red yellow and red white. But not sure.
  10. Ttc2

    Ottawa canada

    What’s Tuesday nights ?
  11. Ttc2

    Ottawa canada

    Ottawa here as well. Went to limerick yesterday.
  12. Ttc2

    2016 wr250f where did my oil go?

    I know with my old wr you have to follow the oil level protocol. Start for a few minutes and only measure after sitting for five minutes.
  13. I’m installing a 2005 yz250f tank and seat into my 2001 wr250f. I was going to weld in some threaded metal Stock onto he top tube. But I’m concerned oil runs through it. Is it dry on the top tube under the seat ?
  14. Ended up going a second time as that one didn’t seem to created enough hatch marks. Anyway guess we’ll see tomorrow if it smokes after break in lol.