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  1. HeyI did end up with the 07 exc 450 😁 Payed 2500 USD for it ! Runs like a dream. New rear tyre&renthal bars ordered. Cant wait for the snow to arrive 😎
  2. Hi ! Looking to buy a ktm 4 stroke enduro. I have found a ktm exc 450 2007 ( last year of the RFS engine) with only 45 hours on it since new. And ktm exc-r 450 2009 sixdays with 111 hours on it since new - according to seller piston was changed at 90 hours. Both are within the same range and - they are about the same price. " Duuh go for the 09 ofc" This being said, i rather go for reliability before performance. We all know that RFS engines is very reliable and only 45 hours means that it does not require work for many many hours. 09 xc4 on the other hand, better chassie, better suspension, better at turning etc. But how does the xc4 engine compare to the RFS ? Reliability wise and performance wise. Also the small oil amount in the xc4 scares me off - and I know that the 08-09 bikes had some bugs on them from factory. What would you guys do if you were in my shoes ? // Nico from Denmark 😁
  3. 3 week delivery to Sweden. I want to ride this weekend
  4. Hello ! As the title says im looking for a new silencer since mine is clapped ? I want to avoid buying a brand new one so im going to look at the "used" market. So my question is, what year/models bolts right up on a ktm exc 525 2007 ? Is there any site I can look it up ? After some research I came up with that all exc 400 450 530 04-12 husaberg fe 390 450 570 09-12 fits but there isnt any listed for sale. Does sxf silencers fit aswell ? Sorry for bad english. // Nico from Sweden
  5. About to pick this kx up. According to the seller its an 2008 year model (europe) . VIN: JKAKX250RRA013075 Is it ? :)
  6. Like I said. Passing on that bike. Getting a Gasgas 300 instead
  7. Yeah im passing on that bike. Probably stolen and needs lots of work. Thx for help
  8. Last picture is engine number
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