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  1. FreerideFanatyk

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    Does this mean the snow has melted off at least the lower half of Walker? I'd like to ride Saturday (tomorrow), but I'm not interested in slogging through waist deep snow. I tried Tahuya last weekend for the 1st time, but didn't find much interesting terrain. Conditions were awesome though. I'd like to hit up some Walker single track.
  2. FreerideFanatyk

    Out The Door Price

    A little off topic, but after paying $4k for a well used 2010 530, I initially thought I made a mistake, as I had to fix a number of things. But after beating the hell out of it, and wrecking on nearly every ride, I'm happy as hell I didn't learn how to ride on a new bike. When I bend my radiator into an S shape, crashing into some root ball or rock on the trail, I don't feel bad. Little duck tape and some gum, I'm off riding again, without the guilt of thrashing a brand new ride. However, once I get some years under my belt, I think I'll buy a new or nearly new bike, as it would be nice to know everything just works, and I don't have an extensive list of maintenance that "should" be done.
  3. My 2010 530 came with factory fan, and it would idle with no issues. It would idle all day, but that fan would be screaming, even after turning off the motor. Fan will stay on for a while if the engine is really hot. Recently, I switched to a larger tank, and had to remove the fan. Now it overheats on slow, technical, single track, even in cold temperatures (50 degrees F). I have to keep her in at least 2nd gear, moving over 10mph, to keep from overheating on a long ride. Getting stuck on a trail feature, and high revv'ing to climb over some tall, slippy root, will have the radiator spitt'in out fluid within minutes. Now I'm looking for a low profile fan, that I can zip tie to the radiator. Stock one with the bracket takes up way too much space.
  4. FreerideFanatyk

    2010 KTM 530 Six Days, Can't Find 6th Gear

    Turns out, it was user error. Feel dumb admitting it, but 6th gear is there, it's just so low that 70mph is hard to reach. Guess I need a refresher course on how to count to 6.
  5. FreerideFanatyk

    2010 KTM 530 Six Days, Can't Find 6th Gear

    I hope it's just something accessible under the clutch cover. I really don't want to split the case. I've already spent quite a bit of time and money on this bike. Starting to feel like I bought an old boat.
  6. It's a brand new Lithium battery. It has no problems turning over and starting before or after the ride. Been riding it to work this week with no problems. It only happened after it overheated on the trail. It runs rich right now, based on the build-up I saw on the spark plug last time I changed it. As mentioned, I have a smaller tank, and a radiator fan, but this larger tank doesn't allow room for the fan. It's not a problem for high speed enduro riding, but when crawling up and down single track trail in 1st gear, that's when it overheated. Just wondered if there was a thermal cutoff circuit in the wiring schematic somewhere. I don't have access to the schematic, or I would just look there. Actually, I see now that the schematic is in the manual. I don't see a thermal shut off, so it must have been something else.
  7. I put a larger, 4 gal tank on my KTM, since the original one started leaking after a minor crash. The larger tank requires removal of the radiator fan. I did a long, 65 mile+ ride through forest service roads during a 90+ degree day with no issues. This last weekend, I did a technical ride at the local OVR park, and the bike overheated a couple times on slow single track (radiator cap released pressure). So I tried to keep it on faster trails for air flow, and it seemed ok. Just before my day ended after 3 hrs of riding, that last couple times I stopped the bike, the electric start didn't do anything (wouldn't turn over, or even try; no noise at all), until I let the bike sit for a few minutes. Then, it started right up again. Does the electric start have a high temp cut-off switch?
  8. Anyone know if the gear case can have a fault that doesn't let the bike go into 6th gear? I can only find 5 of them, and the speed tops out at around 68 mph. That means high revs for highway speeds.
  9. FreerideFanatyk

    For those that slack on safety.... sometimes.

    and it was only the 4th time I've ever been on a dirt bike, and my 530 e-start was broken, and the kick start was finicky. I stalled so many times, I couldn't count them all. Getting to the top, was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done. My partner was on a brand new Husky 300 with Rekluse clutch, and he's a trials rider, so he just idled to the top, no problems. My other buddy had a lowered 425, and has ridden his whole life. So the odds were stacked against me, but none of us really knew what we were getting into. They just didn't care, because they could handle it.
  10. Just did this fix. Bought a used 2010 530 Six Days, and almost lost my mind trying to start the darn thing. E-start just flooded the engine, and then you basically had to bump-start the thing, because your leg would fall off before kick-starting it worked. This fix turned it into a brand-new bike! Starts immediately, every time now! Thanks!
  11. FreerideFanatyk

    For those that slack on safety.... sometimes.

    Hey HHey! My buddies and I spoke to you briefly after your ride yesterday. I was the newbie KTM who was in over my head on Greek Creek Basin. My buddy actually had to backtrack and refill all our water in a creek crossing, as I ran out and got overheated trying to muscle my 530 up to the top of Clifty. I am historically a mountain biker, so I guess I wasn't used to wearing so much gear, as I've never had an issue like that before. We had maps, tools, food and water, but even the 30 minutes it took to try and bump start my bike before the ride, nearly did me in. I wasn't too talkative at the end of the ride, as I was beat down. Almost broke a finger, and smashed my knee, getting tossed high side down the side of a trail, just about 15 minutes before you rode up. Good times! I learned a lot yesterday. I ended up falling on just about every piece of armour I was wearing!