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  1. junglePIG

    Lacing aftermarket rims to oem hubs

    with the tusk impact front rims, what spokes will fit it, oem spec ones or what, i saw some excel stainless ones on ebay, but unsure if they will match up with a stock hub and tusk rim??
  2. junglePIG

    Lacing aftermarket rims to oem hubs

    Its a 2004 model
  3. Hi, I have an Xr250r with a buckled/ wobbling front wheel, after trying to true the rim i have broken a spoke. I am wondering if it is possible to lace any 36 hole aftermarket rim to the oem hub, also will i need to buy an xr250r specific spoke set. also could i take a 36 hole rim from another front wheel and lace that up???? thanks