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  1. asaxelby

    Engine starts to miss then cuts out. DRZ400E

    And what if it does ?
  2. DRZ400E - Engine starts OK to start no problem. After about 5 mins, the engine starts to backfire then cuts out. Cannot start it again. If I leave it about five minutes it starts no problem, then the same happens again. Is it a problem with the carb ?
  3. asaxelby

    Petrol leaking from carb

    Got petrol leaking from Zeihin carb on all outlet hoses,should I replace the float valve seat and o ring ?
  4. asaxelby

    DRZ400E Carb Overflowing

    Thanks for your advice.
  5. asaxelby

    DRZ400E Carb Overflowing

    Dear All, My DRZ400E 2002 has a problem with petrol leaking out the overflow tubes ( 5 number) when not running, as soon as the bike is running, it stops. Is this a fault with the needle valve in the float chamber not seating correctly.