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  1. GoldenJoker

    cr85 problem

    My brother was racing this past weekend and he crashed. Maybe 1/2 a lap later, the bike started bogging down and wouldn't stay running. We took the bike back to the pits and tried starting it. It started fine, but if you reved it, it would bog down and die. Does anyone know what might be the problem?
  2. GoldenJoker

    ported engine question

    My brothers cr85 is getting ported and we were wondering if you needed to run a higher octane gas? If so, what would be a good octane level? What would be the best oil to mix with it and at what ratio? Thanks a lot.
  3. GoldenJoker

    dumb question for you guys

    hey, do you have any pictures of the back of the faction gear? thanks!
  4. GoldenJoker

    Castrol Oil?

    Hi, I was wondering if castrol 5w 30 full synthetic motor oil will work in a cr85? If not, what weight do you suggest? My brother was wondering if the trans oil and motor oil were combined? Thanks
  5. GoldenJoker

    Hurry!!!!! I have a Question!!!!

    thanks everyone, we are going to get a new tire tommorow.
  6. GoldenJoker

    Hurry!!!!! I have a Question!!!!

    My brother has a cr85 and the front tire has a inch and a half slice in it on the side. Is it ok to ride with?
  7. GoldenJoker

    Cr85 Clutch Tuning

    heres two pictures of the clutch cable. there blurry though http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=5/12509585264.jpg&s=f5 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=5/12509554772.jpg&s=f5 I was just wondering how far the cable should be screwed in on each side. Thanks
  8. GoldenJoker

    Cr85 Clutch Tuning

    My brother has a 2003 cr85 and the clutch isnt working. For now we are going try to tune the clutch cable. Where is the ideal position for the cable to be screwed in by the perch and by the engine? Thanks
  9. GoldenJoker

    castrol syntec 10w-30?

    Will Castrol Syntec 10w-30 work in a 05 crf250r? On both sides?
  10. GoldenJoker

    need some help with my program

    I am 6 foot tall and about 230 and want to get a lot lighter and have more endurance for motocross so heres what I am doing. Please give suggestions if you have them. One thing I have been doing for about 2 weeks has been cutting out all pop and juice for a gallon of water a day. Heres my program: 1. Everynight I fill up a gallon milk jug with water for the next day. 2. Eat Special K(dry, dont like soggy cereal) and and some sort of fruit for breakfast.) Drink water 3. Go to school and don't eat lunch there because EVERYTHING there is greasy and nasty. 4. I dont know what to eat once i get home from school to make up for lunch. I am thinking like a salad or something, fruit or vegetable and drink more water. 5. Before dinner is when I do my workout. Right now I am jogging for 30 minutes, but need some advise on what else i should do. 6. For dinner I am eating special K, some fruit and vegetables and finish off the gallon of water. I also ride when ever possible. There is a program that might work for me, but if you have any suggestions please tell me. Thanks
  11. GoldenJoker

    need some help with my program

    Sorry for double post.
  12. GoldenJoker

    new vid!

    Sweet movie, what was the name of the song and band that sings it? Thanks
  13. GoldenJoker

    Fmf Hi-flo header and factory 4.1?

    I have a stock 05 250r and was wanting some more power out of my bike and was considering a fmf hi-flo header and factory 4.1. What that work well on a 05 250r? Thanks
  14. GoldenJoker

    SixSixOne Flight Boots

    I havent tried them before but I heard they lose protection somewhat fast. But I do like how they look.
  15. GoldenJoker

    What this benefit my bike?

    I thought they would have the aftermarket cams and valves and everything.