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  1. Dumpdaveinfl

    Cam sprocket

    In theory they are both the same. A two to one reduction. I believe the difference is the longer stroke and it is about chain and sprocket wear. If you are looking for performance regarding the cam get a slotted sprocket with the cam grind of your choice. Then degree the camshaft. The difference in cam timing can make improvements on low end or wide open. Frank at engines only is real knowledgeable and has sprocket cam and good numbers to set them to.
  2. Dumpdaveinfl

    Oil drain bolt size on XR100R

    17 - got a stock one in my hand
  3. Dumpdaveinfl

    Help dirt bike oil drain

    Your going to have to get a metric socket kit. Most sets go from 6 to 19mm. I think the xr100 has nothing larger that a 19 mm.
  4. Dumpdaveinfl

    Help dirt bike oil drain

    All metric - I think the largest is 21 millimeter
  5. Dumpdaveinfl

    Help dirt bike oil drain

    I think stock is 17mm
  6. Dumpdaveinfl

    Anyone use aftermarket xr100 cdi?

    this is how I ran mine. They have a pigtail on it so I ran the coil wire out the front of the tank
  7. Dumpdaveinfl

    Anyone use aftermarket xr100 cdi?

    I have the cheap blue eBay on mine now. I starts better and runs out nice. I got it for 1299 with free shipping. Figured I would try it on a friends recommendation and it is good. It was actually for my sons SSR but my takegawa has a issue. I ordered 2 more. The only recommendation I have for the is use liquid electrical tape on the back of the plugs.
  8. Dumpdaveinfl

    yz250 crank project.

    Amazing workmanship [emoji106]
  9. Dumpdaveinfl

    Building a xr80 racer

    Any chance that it’s the grass race at red bud
  10. Dumpdaveinfl

    2012 CRF100f Modifications and upgrades...???

    Good luck Werner- there all good kits and upgrades. Also take a look at the takegawa up kit from webike.com of Japan. My friend just is trying one out and is pretty complete. There is also kitaco and Daytona there too but kitaco is pricey
  11. Dumpdaveinfl

    2012 CRF100f Modifications and upgrades...???

    Hey SoCalxr - any reason for not the fmf pipe. On my xr I have the super trap but was looking at the fmf for my 150f.
  12. Dumpdaveinfl

    2012 CRF100f Modifications and upgrades...???

    Hey rick - get a engines only 120 kit for the go- Frank will suggest a 15/52 sprocket combo and bbr springs - also a with the 120 kit from Frank he will get you jets. I would also get a pipe as Honda choked them to meet epa regulation
  13. Dumpdaveinfl


    Hey Deion- look up Xr100r Crf70 plastic. I have seen some posts about it and with that said wasn’t too hateful to do. I purchased the whole plastic set with seat and tank from Pccmotor.com for like 200. I was going to install on my 100 but as I rebuilt it I wanted to keep the original look.
  14. Dumpdaveinfl

    Nikasil plating

    Also try usnicom.com for plating. They may have one as a exchange for you also.
  15. Hey jayisjay - unfortunately I’m positive you have a Chinese pos- check on sudco.com - they have a great article on real vs fake on there site. My friend has a shop and sells the Chinese bikes. He always offers a mikuni at the time of sale. There pretty hateful to work on. I have seen real mikuni vm on eBay for around 60. Good luck