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  1. Dumpdaveinfl

    XR100 general maintence

    Get a spoke wrench also - don’t know your size but if a adult rider they need to be adjusted and trued. Also the 100 needs a spring compressor to remove the mono shock. When you adjust the valves check the cam sprocket as the teeth will deform. Keep the drive chain tensioned properly cause they like to tear up the case when they come off. Other than that the xr can be a fun bike to own and plenty of ways to make it what you want.
  2. If your ever in need of a bearing look up motion industry’s, bearing headquarters and even granger. The cost is about the same but the quality is better and not on a slow boat from China. When getting bearings I try to stick with Torrington SKF or timken And Kona. Kinda scares me to use anything else inside
  3. Try a drift that is the size of the screw head and give it a couple of firm taps with a ball peen hammer. They can be stupid tight.
  4. Dumpdaveinfl

    05cr85 lots of white smoke.

    Sounds like a head gasket. Did you park it with no compression an all this time it fired off
  5. I regret selling my collection of Honda minis after my divorce. 75xr75 78 ct75 xr80 . Can’t take all of them with you when you move.
  6. To add to tools - feeler gauges for valves
  7. Dumpdaveinfl

    CRF100F Off-idle Bog

    Long shot but try a dab of grease over the air screw. I had one that leaked air thru. A mechanic found it and once we got it set he sprayed carb cleaner on it then a dab of rtv. Good luck
  8. Dumpdaveinfl

    Building a xr80 racer

    Did you get the super head with the kit. Let me know how it goes together and runs out. I have been using engines only forever but want to try the takegawa setup with there clutch and cover. What are you doing for the carb
  9. Dumpdaveinfl

    Building a xr80 racer

    Who’s kit did you get
  10. Dumpdaveinfl

    Building a xr80 racer

    Is there still the restriction of a 14/17 wheel set. I remember there was a 121cc limit.
  11. Dumpdaveinfl

    Building a xr80 racer

    Hey Aaron- check on webike.com out of Japan. Over there they still produce lay down frame bikes. I think they call them the ape and monkey. Hope to see you at the grass race next season
  12. Dumpdaveinfl

    XR100 with CR80 Front End Interest Thread

    Do you have the seat height with the big wheel- I want to build a 100 with small wheels for my boy
  13. Dumpdaveinfl

    which CRF80 mod to ease clutch pull has worked?

    This is how I set mine up. The pull rod out of the cylinder is longer than the stock cable. I used a 8mm coupler nut and a adjuster out of the handlebar lever. I will try to get a better picture for you.
  14. Dumpdaveinfl

    which CRF80 mod to ease clutch pull has worked?

    On my Xr100r I used the hydraulic clutch from eBay. It was the universal 7/8 pit bike hydraulic clutch 900mm. It fit good and the pull is soft. I have the alto red eagle clutch with hd springs. The cylinder needs a small mod to work.
  15. Dumpdaveinfl

    Cam sprocket

    In theory they are both the same. A two to one reduction. I believe the difference is the longer stroke and it is about chain and sprocket wear. If you are looking for performance regarding the cam get a slotted sprocket with the cam grind of your choice. Then degree the camshaft. The difference in cam timing can make improvements on low end or wide open. Frank at engines only is real knowledgeable and has sprocket cam and good numbers to set them to.