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  1. HLAH

    Brand New KLX450 advice

    Check the Grey stator plug behind the left radiatior for moisture, flood it with contact cleaner & blow it out/dry it thoroughly & replace your spark plug just to be safe...mine has a habbit of eating sparkplugs every 15-25 hours or so....
  2. HLAH

    Photo of my KLX - let's see yours...

    Bit of flat-track racing on the KLX...
  3. HLAH

    spark plug life?

    My bike seems to eat spark plugs, it runs fine & is jetted correctly as far as I can tell....I havent managed to get more than 25-30 hours out of a plug before it becomes difficult to start due weak spark...all of which is rectified by a new plug... Am interested to hear how many hours others get out of their plugs? Guess I better by em in bullk...
  4. HLAH

    Photo of my KLX - let's see yours...

    New Motocal graphics kit...
  5. HLAH

    Photo of my KLX - let's see yours...

    Approaching 1 year (92 hrs)...barely broken in...­čĄ¬
  6. HLAH

    Brand New KLX450 advice

    Unsure if anyones mentioned it already but may want to get hold of some loc-tight blue & go over all your bolts (exhaust, engine mounts, sproket etc)...these things vibrate a bit & tend to rattle the odd bolt loose...
  7. HLAH

    Brand New KLX450 advice

    Kawasaki NZ has an exhaust end cap (spark arrester removed & wider opening) & jetting kit (unsure of the specs but think around 48/155 ish), they chucked that in & installed for free when I purchased mine last year - ask em & they could well do the same for you. I ran it for a few hours before installing a full fmf system with that jetting which was adequate, I purchased a JD jetting kit & ran it with a 170 for a bit but I feel this was too much (ran too rich & fuel consumption was way up)....now back to 155 & happy... Good luck
  8. HLAH

    Brand New KLX450 advice

    Learn where the grey stator plug is (mounted behind the left radiator/radiator shroud), it is prone to water ingestion whilst riding (river crossings/big puddles/rain) & washing etc, once this happens youll start getting erratic spark & all associated issues (poor starting and idling/cutting out/rough running). It takes 5 min to unplug, clean, spray with contact cleaner & dry and could potentially save you with alot of bother with troubleshooting other areas - always do this job first as its the easiest/quickest to eliminate as a possible cause. I un-necessarily disassembled a carb 3 times & fiddled with jetting all due to the above. Adam
  9. Skipping through your vid Sausage you ride fairly aggressively & well...treat yourself to something with a whole bunch of torque/power (450f/300 2T) & get out there and enjoy...
  10. Hello people As the title mentions I noticed a spot or 2 of oil dripping under my bike this morning, (after a hard 5 hour ride, clean & chain lube), initially I thought it was excess chain lube with a bit of moisture in it but on closer inspection the oil resembles engine oil & am now a little concerned a seal or something worse has failed. Ill clean the area up & take it for a quick ride to try to confirm/isolate the area further... Any thoughts on the likely timeframe/costs for the repair, its about due for another front sproket anyways... Adam
  11. HLAH

    Won't idle off choke 2// clean gray electric plug!

    Wish I had have checked (& then cleaned) the grey plug first....2 hours stripping the carb down on a day I should have been out riding only to find the grey plug full of water.... ...O well, thats the game I guess...
  12. HLAH

    2015 KDX 220?

    Electric start, fuel injected KDX 300....catch up kawaski...???
  13. Owned 2 KDX's from new in my time, 04 & 06...great bikes for the $$$ but just lacked the punch in sand, hills etc...would love for Kawasaki to release a KDX 300 with electric start & TFI....
  14. HLAH

    Photo of my KLX - let's see yours...

    Some photos of the above bike out & about....including its first swimming lesson...
  15. Hello there, I have a 2017 with 45 odd hours on it from new & my goal is to put over 200 hrs on it in an attempt to get a bit of value out of it... Im anticipating having to do a piston, clutch in that time but hopefully not a full overhaul... A friend has one with 194 hrs on it, its had a hard life & fairly beat up but mechanically (excluding tires/chains/sundries) he's only did the clutch in this time so I feel my goal should be readily achievable... on that note id be interested to see how long some of the more well ridden bikes have gone for...who here on the forum has the highest time bike & whats been done to it...? surely someone here's cracked the 4/500 hr mark? (& if so photos thanks)