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  1. Hey guys, I've been running the 4.1 without a spark arrestor for about 20 hours. I went to install it tonight but it doesn't go in easily like in the installation video. In fact, it's a very tight fit and gets hung up about 1/2" in at most. I found this thread: My issue sounds and looks exactly the same. However, I can insert the arrestor backwards, it goes in like butter. When I insert it the correct way, though, it looks like the bend is incorrect and the mesh end presses on the bottom of the inside of the muffler, forcing the round end to go in on an upward-facing angle. That creates the improper fit and thus jams it up. Is this a known problem? Is calling FMF my best option? The other thing I thought of was to get the muffler warmed up, the arrestor cooled down, and then try to slip it in that way. But I don't think I'll be able to ever pull it out after that. Ideas welcome.
  2. I didn't know that was an Oakley thing until i switched to 100% and am enjoying the long life of my lenses. I have the cheap 100% Strata goggles and they pinch my nose noticeably. I realize it's likely because they're cheap, but I bought the Airbrakes as opposed to, say, Spy Foundation, because the Airbrakes are supposed to not pinch your nose at all. And as advertised, I can't even tell they're on my nose, which is great. I got them for a steal ($90 on Motosport), so I'm very happy.
  3. Dude, thank you so much, that's exactly what I've been hunting for in terms of information and first-hand experience. Since I already have the Black, I'll order a Jade, and come summer time, I'll try a Bronze if the Black is too dark. And thanks guys for the tip on scratching and tear-offs. The RMATV video about tear-offs demos them on a Prizm lens at one point, and with the camera on an angle and the studio lights, you can see a TON of scratches on the lens. I'll order some of the individual tear-offs and will use them.
  4. Which Klim jacket? They don't have anything like a rain jacket, as far as I know. And if you're suggesting spending $200+ on an offroad jacket that is also waterproof, there are other good options. I was suggesting cheap ones that also keep you dry.
  5. Since you had the various color variations and now have the Bronze and Jade, can you comment on the differences between what you tried on and sent back, and what you kept? That would be super helpful.
  6. I have the Fox one: https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/833/18782/Fox-Racing-Fluid-MX-Jacket It's... ok. The material is a bit stiff, so it feels a bit weird when you put it on. Once on, though, I forget I have it on me. It does ride up a bit on me because I wear a camel-back that straps at my chest (USWE), but not a big deal. I wore it on a 4-hour ride this weekend, it kept me warm and dry. I don't think it's terrific at venting, but I wasn't pouring sweat either. I also have a few of these: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00D7G6SAK/ The material is much softer, as you'd expect. They're pretty solid and fit over my armor jacket. I wore the hi-viz riding a few times and it does fine. I have another one for working outside and it seems pretty tough.
  7. I feel I'd have an easier time finding proof of intelligent life in Washington D.C. than I have of finding info about the difference between Sapphire, Jade and Torch. Looks like Black is for sunny days in sandy/bright conditions (which I can agree with), while Bronze is a "neutral" color meant to be an overall good lens for all conditions. Jade seems to be meant for helping bring out greens and blacks in forest riding and mixed sunlight/shadow conditions. What I can't find is how Jade compares to Torch and Sapphire. By what you guys said above and the pictures you posted, I think Jade, Sapphire and Torch basically do the same thing, just have a different color appearance from the front. It may be that Torch is slightly brighter than Sapphire, with Jade being in the middle, but I can't find any confirmation. I like the look of Torch (being orange-ish and whatnot), so maybe I'll try that. But I'll call Oakley customer support on Monday first to see what I can find out. Thanks guys!
  8. Horgh

    Lowering sx525

    No linkage on this one ,PDS rear Well, shorter springs are probably your best bet in addition to bringing the forks up, I think. Then again, a lower seat may be cheaper and get you mostly of where you want to be. Keep in mind that a narrower seat (in the thigh area) can also feel lower. So, a lower, thinner seat is something to consider.
  9. Horgh

    how fix crappy ktm wiring?

    Why did you stick the PVC shield in the fridge? Does the engine start when you hit the horn button? That's the definition of success, in my book. And make sure the kill switch turns on your brights.
  10. Horgh

    Ktm 300.

    I think the bike was his buddy's bike. This thread reminds me of every time my parents e-mail me with computer issues. "Your aunt can't hear me through her speakers when we Skype, why?" *points M1A at own head before trying to type a response*
  11. Horgh

    Lowering sx525

    In general, to lower a bike you get different linkage in the back (if link suspension), and can raise the forks in the triple clamps a little. Shorter springs after that. Shaved/lower seat after that. All this will affect handling if stock geometry isn't carefully kept in check. Are you a novice rider? I ask since a lot of people want to flat-foot a bike, but that's not necessary. I ride a big 1190 daily and despite having good leg length, I can only tip-toe the bike if both legs are down. I just lean it to the side a bit if I want to flat-foot at a stop. That's how they teach you at the MSF anyway, since the right foot remains up on the rear brake. Anyway, offroad, you'll do the same. Many shorter riders just slide their ass off the seat to the side to reach their leg down. It's very doable with practice.
  12. Well, there is one caveat with Lithium batteries... they can just straight out break. What I mean is, if something goes bad with the cells and they can't hold ANY charge, jumping them won't matter if you don't have a capacitor. The bike won't run right just off of the stator. It needs something to store/clean that generated power. With a dead/dying lead battery, you're still ok. With a dead Lithium battery, you're dead in the water, jump pack or not. Let me know if I'm wrong, but that is my understanding.
  13. Horgh

    13/52 gearing on a 350 EXC-F

    Chain is still in spec, didn't stretch since the adjustment I made during the swap. But if that time comes, I'll shorten it.
  14. Horgh

    250 vs 450

    New or used? I'm a KTM fan, so a 250 EXC-F or an older XCF-W (basically same bike). However, I do have a crush on the Yamaha YZ250FX if you want Japanese. And then you have the Husky FE250, but I'll get kicked out of the KTM club if I suggest that in public There are probably others, but I'm less familiar with them.
  15. Horgh

    2017 / 2018 KTM 500 exc Vortex ignition

    Don't forget to budget some money for Botox, to get the resulting perma-smile off of your face.