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  1. I'm trying

    Namura Piston after 10 hours

    I'm doing a top end soon and have researched pistons and from what I could find, there were really no good reviews of these pistons. From what gathered their quality is suspect and I think your experience is proof positive. I don't think you'll find any love for this brand here and well you know what they say : you get what you pay for. Just glad it didn't end badly for you and you can chalk it up to lesson learned.
  2. I'm trying

    Cr250 full woods bike opinions

    Its my friends riding buddie's trailer. I think he made it out of an old yard trailer. It's different but works. I've never seen another even close to resembling it and it's super light. It'll hold 3 bikes.
  3. I'm trying

    Why Not Yamaha?

    Who would give you flack over that? That's rediculous. Theyre out there supporting us. So what if you go there and they have the special needs crowd as well. Not like you're going to start riding the cup holders now are you?
  4. I'm trying

    Cr250 full woods bike opinions

    Yep the jetting was off that day and I did redo the carb and it ran much crisper after that without all that spooge. It was real hot and humid that day and I was riding some real tight single track that day. The rads are tweeked and you're right I'm not putting braces on with these ones, I am putting new ones on this winter. Though they don't leak and flow fine so I'll try and straighten them again best i can and keep them as a backup. Yes I clean the bike after every ride and do the maintenance as well. Bike hasn't let me down yet. I was hoping to get the HP boost from NEW plastics and graphics. Much like some of the beautiful bikes seen here.I'm looking especially for a Honda CR wing that covers the whole rad shroud. I seen one on a CR500 that was listed a while back that I really liked. I haven't so far been successful in finding a graphic like that. Here's a pic before the ride. Little prettier.
  5. I'm trying

    Cr250 full woods bike opinions

    Wow I'm in the same boat as you. I have an 03 that is a winter project right now. My list so far: 10 FFW New top end ( Vertex or Wossner but probably vertex) Boysen power reeds. I had the vforce 3 Reed block but I wasn't impressed with the plastic block so I returned it. Replacing all the chassis bearings. Wrap around hand guards. These have saved my hands many times. Moose aluminium skid plate. Very durable. Although you have to take the plate off to get to the bottom left bolt on the stator cover as it covers it just enough that you can't access it with a socket. FMF knarly with PC2 but have TC2 on the way. Starcross 5 inter waiting to go on front and back. I've got the same gearing and chain. I'm happy with it. I know a lot of guys on here say to go lower, but to be honest I'd like to go a little taller. I'm after the same as you. Good low end tractor like torque. I'm also looking into a torque spacer. Moose racing has them for about 50$. I'm not sure of this benefit on its own or if it's more a complementary mod to go with other mods. I would like to have a port job done along with the squish corrected or maybe a new head for better compression. These are the best mods I've heard for low end torque. I'm also looking for some good rad braces. You'll definitely want to have these. I'm also replacing the clutch perch and lever and going to go over the clutch baskets for any notches. Trying to get as buttery smooth clutch as I can. Lots of clutch work on singletrack and bc I have wimpy hands according to some here. Suspension wise, I'll agree it's a touch stiff and look to get it revalved. I'm 195lbs. I'd like to get a kickstand but 170$ is a little hard to swallow. But gawd damn it'd be nice not to have to look for something to prop the bike up all the time. I've been looking at oversized tanks but always held off bc I think it would throw off the feel and balance of the bike. IDK probably in my head. And also get some new plastic and graphics. It's worth at least 2-3hp accord to some of the pretty boys here. Anyways here's a pic from the summer. She aiant pretty, but then again neither am I.
  6. I'm trying

    Silent Dirtbike

    I don't want to sound like a dick here but maybe you should stop riding in the neighborhood all together or at the very least limit it as much as you can. A quiet exaust is a good idea, back to stock is probably best. The TTR is meant to be a quiet moderate trail bike. You seem to have a lot of respect for this neighbor, so the best show of respect I could show would be to not ride around his house or the neighborhood for that matter.
  7. I'm trying

    Silent Dirtbike

    Wow I can only imagine what that sounds like. Did the harley shop do that for you? More noise does not equal more power unless you're trying to save lives of course.
  8. I'm trying

    Fuel mix for a two stroke

    OP right now...
  9. I'm trying

    Fuel mix for a two stroke

    Nothing to worry about....
  10. I'm trying

    Best Place to Weigh Your Bike

  11. I'm trying

    Pro x vs Vertex Motorcycle Pistons?

    Ok thank you for the reply. But should I order through the Wiseco Website with the Pro X link? I'm in Canada and as far as the power sport store I deal with and Honda themselves, these are discontinued.
  12. I'm trying

    Pro x vs Vertex Motorcycle Pistons?

    I've just recently found out Pro X is owned by Wiseco. Is anything changed? Do I have to order through Wiseco now? I'm going to be ordering one of your piston kits for my CR250R. Honda and another shop have told me they're discontinued, but I've seen the link on the Wisco page.
  13. I'm trying

    Best Place to Weigh Your Bike

    I use this method. My CR weighs a hair under " aaalllright then " and my DRZ weighs just over " for f..k sakes"