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  1. Motoracer622

    Swelling how long?

    Thanks for the advise gonna check into it now.­čĹŹ
  2. Motoracer622

    Question for Dr.Mark Plated Pubic bone

    Yea thanks he doesn't ride. I have the same injury as Cole Ceelys Pelvis he said he said he will be back on the bike next month. Im a 16th of his skill level so I should be ok.Thanks for your Reply.
  3. Motoracer622

    Swelling how long?

    Thanks for your reply Coach Robb.I appreciate the advice and will do!! Guess its not going to happen as fast as I would like.Bills keep coming weather healthy or not!!
  4. Motoracer622

    Swelling how long?

  5. Motoracer622

    Swelling how long?

    Hey folks, just got my 3 broken fingers out of a cast I wore for 6 weeks.My hand feels and looks like a Catchers mit.My fingers are double the size of my good hand.I'm doing the ice and heat thing .My question is how long before the swelling will come down? at this rate I can't see me making a fist for another 3 months.Every thing is to swollen to move anything. Any imput is greatly appreciated.Thanks
  6. Motoracer622

    Question for Dr.Mark Plated Pubic bone

    Morning Doc thanks for getting back to me. I haven't herd anything on this injury or the outcomes other then some woman splitting there Pubic bones giving birth ouch and having to get them screwed and plated! Yea he seems to think I will be able to get back to all my favorite activities just fine pretty sure he doesn't know anything about Mx thoe .I am two months out and did a 2.5 mile walk yesterday with no issues. Now trying to get the swelling out of my hand with 3 broken fingers is a whole other story my hand looks and feels like a catchers mit My plated collarbone is 100% haven't had a get off in 5 years guess I had it coming urggg.Thanks for all your years of service and helping everyone Dr Mark!!!!!
  7. Hello Dr Mark, two months ago I had nasty crash and woke up with a plate and 6 screws holding my Pubic Symphysis bone together and One screw threw my hip into my SI joint. My Question is this a career riding injury? Im a bit scared of crashing again and the hardware fails. I ride and race the B class and Vet class. Thanks for your imput