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  1. Hey guys, I have an 84 xl200r that runs great but second gear is a in pretty bad shape (I found a tooth of the gear in my oil)! On my local CL, I see a posting for 79-80, 83 xr200r bottom ends for really cheap. The model numbers are ME02E-5100628 and ME02E-5106178 and ME04E-520346. I was hoping to pick up one, split and inspect it, and then either use it for parts, practice taking it apart, or rebuilding and installing with my xl200 top end. I have the following questions and would be grateful for any answers. Would these bottom ends bolt on to my cylinder/top directly? From my understanding, they fit the frame. I also believe that the stroke and bore is identical, but can look deeper in my manual for more info. Could the six speed transmission be swapped into my xl200 crankcase? Can the kick starter be swapped into the xl bottom end? Will the stator on the xr cause problems with my xl wiring and if so, could I swap the larger xl stator into the xr bottom end? Anything else I should know before picking up an engine (IE, if rusted, could i still clean and make it function? Thanks very much for your time. This is gonna be my first complete engine teardown, and I look forward to learning!
  2. thomaskarl16

    Source to buy spokes for XL200

    Thanks so much man. Funny enough, they are about 15 minutes from my home in SouthernCA. Too bad I'm in the bay now. I just want to ride!!! Anyways, looks like they have exactly what i need.
  3. thomaskarl16

    Source to buy spokes for XL200

    Hey guys, I had a spoke break on my xl200r. I was wondering if anyone could link me to some sources to find a new one or a complete set. They are 166x8 and 167x8. Thanks!
  4. thomaskarl16

    XL200r Unusual Carb Problems

    Hey guys! Thanks for all the help! Who is "Rocky" and how can i get in touch to possibly pick up a jet from him/them? I took it all apart again and am taking note of all the different jets. I got an adjustable float and a new pilot screw to see if that can help me fix some problems! Thanks everyone
  5. thomaskarl16

    XL200r Unusual Carb Problems

    Thanks again chuck. Have you ever just taken the float bowl off with the top still bolted in? I bout a rebuild kit with an adjustable needle and float level. Hope this should help fix my carb problems! Thanks
  6. thomaskarl16

    XL200r Unusual Carb Problems

    Hey thanks chuck. Is the pilot screw different from the fuel/air screw on the under/front side of the carb? I cant adjust the float level (plastic) or throttle needle clip (only one position). I believe all the jets are stock as well. What would you take a peak at first if it was your bike? Thanks for taking the time to help a newbie out too.
  7. thomaskarl16

    XL200r Unusual Carb Problems

    I picked up an 84 xl200r and have been having issues with the carb. Ive cleaned it out very well and currently none of the jets are clogged. However it is still acting funny. Here are the symptoms: -runs good at mid/high but sporatic idle -fuel/air pilot screw must be less than .5 turns out for it to idle okay (higher RPMs the more it is turned in) -Wont run with choke on -black fouled plugs after idling - can "stick" at times Ive clened the air filter and the carb very well but it seems to still be running rich. Any ideas on what might be causing this and what I might try to replace. I really dont want to have to throw a chinese aftermarket in. Thanks very much for your time!