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    I love riding motorcycles or anything with a throttle. I also enjoy boating, camping and pretty much all outdoor activities.

    Relax, Im here to ride motorcycles and that's it! No other bull shit please. Just good times on the bikes. Cheers!

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  1. Sun

    Los Angeles area riders

    Thanks Jeff
  2. Sun

    Los Angeles area riders

    Im up for weekday rides. PM me when you want to go. Just getting back on the bike after arm surgery. Tried to remove this picture and cant get it to work. Ugh! I cant even find remove this entire post to start over! Tips on that appreciated. Cheers
  3. Last minute Lucy here looking for someone to ride with tomorrow. Locally, ideally. Somewhere like Rowher or Gorman of dual sport, if you know a good dirt route. I could really use a good ride to forget about this terrible election. Perhaps you need to call in sick for a mental health day? Come on! You know you want to! You'll be glad you did. The weather is amazing. And I usually bring good snacks and beer for after the ride. I'll check my messages one last time in the AM around 6 & 7am. if I don't get any takers tonight. Lets do this
  4. Sun

    Women riders

    I'll have to bring it up to WA.. Im not making Primm as it falls on the same weekend as Chaney. We need to get a plated bike for you for when I come up. Or, maybe dig the blue dirt bike out for some dirt time. Or, we'll see whats on the calendar in your area at the time of my visit. It's looking like the 1st or 2nd week in June. Im hoping to see Bobbi and Steve in BC.. All kinds of TT connections I plan on seeing and riding with. Like connections from 8 years ago! Hard to believe us Thumpette gals have stayed in touch THAT long and not here lol. Perhaps we should resurrect a thread for fun and call them over.
  5. Sun

    Riding in Moab, Utah.

    Yay!! Thanks braap970! I will PM you. Yes, I know the desert can be unforgiving and even carrying a SPOT may not save you. Thus I am going to be a good girl this trip. Even if it breaks my heart to do so. I have racked up tons of hours alone but as I said, I have vowed to never do it again alone. Even riding on the road is risky but I May take that risk. I try and check in with someone and tell them my route. I met a guy who was riding Moab alone. He had a SPOT strapped to his bike. He went off a ledge and broke his legs. His SPOT was attached to the bike that stayed on the ledge. So it was of no help to him. If it weren't for hikers who found him, he'd be dead!
  6. Where is this "other" thread? I may have to wheelie on over to it.
  7. Sun

    Women riders

    I was just trying to figure out if you were the Husband posting or the wife. You can call me whatever you'd like
  8. Sun

    Riding in Moab, Utah.

    Im planning on being there the 3rd week in May. I will be alone and likely camping out of my truck. Im looking for someone to ride with. I will go alone and try to be a good girl and just camp if it boils down to that. I vowed NEVER to ride alone again. I severely broke my leg 10 months ago. This will be some of my first seat time back on the bike since my injury. So Im not sure what to expect skill wise. I will be bringing my SM bike too. As I will be traveling up to Canada via Idaho. So if I can't ride dirt with someone, I will ride roads alone and bring a SPOT tracker. If anyone wants to join me or show me around PM me. This thread was very helpful. Thank you!
  9. Thank you. SO many great pics on this thread.
  10. Sun

    Women riders

    That's great! Erica? Or Eric? I have a DRZ400 also and love it Ill give ya a sammich
  11. Sun

    Women riders

    I know plenty of East Coast women who ride. And in fact several turn their dirt bikes into sleds in the winter. Perhaps not in your specific area but they're around. It just takes some looking. Or how about introducing some women friends to the sport? Plenty of women would appreciate that for sure. I think plenty of women would love to hear "hey. do you know how to ride a dirt bike?" And if she says "no" You'd say "let me teach you. It will be a fun day. No pressure, all for fun." And if she says she knows how to ride? Even better! And BAM, I bet you would have a date just like that. Just think, YOU could be the reason someone will create some of the best memories of their life. And all because you turned them on to the sport. If she isn't interested? She may not be your type anyways, and this is a good way to tell. Now go round up a small bike for her to use and and start asking some women on a moto date. After you've tried this formula, check back and let me know how it went. Remember, keep it fun and easy. And pack a picnic for extra points.
  12. Sun

    Women riders

    Hard to believe this thread is real There are a LOT of women riders on trails, tracks and at races. It's 2016 and we've been out of the kitchen for a long time!