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  1. I'm 41 yrs old,5'9" 180 lbs. and returning to dirt biking after 25 years. I plan on riding 70% forest roads/trails,25%nearby fields and 5% motocross/off road vehicle parks.I really would like a large bore four stroke and have narrowed my search down to two bikes: Suzuki DRZ400E and the Yamaha WR426.What are the power delivery differences? Which is better in the low end? How about comfort level during a long ride? Alot of my friends have gone "blue" but I am totally open minded and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I,m 41 years old 5'9",180 lbs.and looking to return to dirt biking after 25 years. I plan to ride mainly in the mountains of CA.,but now and then at off road vehicle parks or motocross tracks.I am looking for the best new bike for me and would prefer a larger bore 4-stroke for the torque and low end grunt. I rode my brothers 10 yr. old DR250 and it seemed a little tame and heavy.I am looking at four candidates right now: Honda XR400,Yamaha WR426,KTM EXE400,and the Suzuki DRZ400E.I,m probably really rusty right now but I definitely don't want to be regularly smoked on forest roads by my cousin on his new YZ250F. Any suggestions?