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  1. Hoosiergrown

    Cracked oil drain hole on case

    Bummer was really hoping there was an alternative.
  2. Hoosiergrown

    Cracked oil drain hole on case

    During an oil change an outer piece of the case alum. cracked.... Any suggestions on fixing other than replacing the whole case? Thanks
  3. Hoosiergrown

    Dr350 Speedometer help

    Ya im not sure, the po had it put on amd it was working last year just didnt know where id start when it comes to finding the problem. Thanks for the input tho🙏
  4. Hoosiergrown

    Dr350 Speedometer help

    Hey fellas, new to tt just got back into riding after some years. Never been mechanically inclined, some may even say I'm mechanically challenged...Anyhow got my old dr running again & the speedo is not working...looked around the web to no avail so figured I'd ask here there is a pic attached of the meter and bike and troubleshooting tips or where to start would be greatly appreciated🙏