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  1. Beach Fool

    How many miles are considered high on an XR650L?

    I have 34K on mine ( A 96 model ) and that has been mixed 70% on road and 30% off-road. Most of that was with a 15 x 48 sprocket set. Oil consumption is high ish but no smoke. Still going strong. Oil consumption may be reduced if I were to replace the valve seals. I've read as much as 55 or 70 K is possible before top end job but have never actually seen a bike with that many miles.
  2. Beach Fool

    Quick starting question

    But do toy know for sure the screws initial setting is correct? When the bowl was off ( so the tab on the mixture screw will clear the bowl ) did you screw it in all the way and then back out 2 1/2 turns?
  3. +1, should be no adjustment needed.
  4. Beach Fool

    How not to get screwed when buying dirt bike?

    I would approach the deal like this: It's a 12-year-old dirt bike for not much. I would expect a heap and offer $500 if its a bike I really wanted.
  5. Beach Fool

    Carb Sticky

    Mine only needs a push of the button, no throttle.
  6. Beach Fool

    Carb Sticky

    The "pretty close" you seek exist!!!! These carb. settings were developed over countless miles and hours of testing. See the Honda service manual for the XR650L. Deviations from these settings usually require tweaking to get right. The thumb wheel knob is the idle air adjustment or idle speed adjustment. Adjust to factory idle speed setting. This should cure your starting issue. The idle mixture screw ( at the front bottom of the carb. with a tab cap on it ) adjust from 2 1/4 ( tab all the way to the left ) to 2 3/4 ( tab all the way to the right ). Set to 2 5/8. You can adjust this more closely when the engine is hot to improve performance, save a little fuel, or for higher elevations. Much above 2500 feet elevation rise may require jetting changes. You may be thinking " why do I need to be messing with my carb. all the time? " and the answer is that a carb. , having adjustable but fixed metering devices, once adjusted to a particular set of circumstances will require readjustment when the circumstances change. Fuel injection is constantly making adjustments based on input from an array of sensors.
  7. Beach Fool

    Quick starting question

    Try all the idle mixture screw setting first. Where is your screw set? 2 1/2 is nominal ( at 2 1/2 turns out the tab on the screw is pointing forward ). You might also want to try removing the air cleaner to see if that improves the idle. The manual recommended idle speed is 1300 RPM. I know that sounds fast but a higher idle RPM may also help. 1300 is a pretty fast idle but the engine needs to be idling at more than a lope. If you increase the size of the pilot jet the idle air ( slide setting ) will decrease. This will cause the engine to backfire badly on de-acceleration.
  8. Beach Fool

    Quick starting question

    Sounds rich but you never know till you try. A trick to re-installing the carb. is to first clamp the air filter boot on to the carb. then shove the carb. into the manifold, hold in place, then tighten the manifold clamp.
  9. Beach Fool

    Quick starting question

    Stock is 50 x 150 with idle mixture at 2 5/8 out and that is the combo that my 96 XRL likes at sea level. I have an old White Bros straight through header exhaust and the stock paper air filter.
  10. Beach Fool

    High elevation jetting

    When I first went to the higher elevations in Colorado I called a Honda shop that was at the elevation I was planning to be riding and got their advice on jetting. Their recommendation was reduce the pilot one size per 2500 feet and reduce the main one size per 1000 feet increase in elevation from where I was set up for now. I ran a 50 pilot ( smaller pilot was unavailable before the trip ) and a 142 main and was a little rich above 10,500 feet but my XRL ran the best of the four XRL's on the trip that made no changes from sea level jetting.
  11. Beach Fool

    Quick starting question

    Two possibilities: Give the idle mixture screw an eighth to a quarter turn out ( richen it up a bit ) and or the choke cable needs adjusting. Since it starts on full choke as it should, try the idle mixture screw.
  12. Beach Fool

    Particles in Oil screen, is this bad ?

    +1 Joe, DIY mag drain plugs, and I added a ring magnet to the back side of my filter. I just need to remember to put it on the new filter. And, a photo of all keeps my garage wall clean. PS: note the seal washers instead of the crush washers.
  13. Beach Fool

    Particles in Oil screen, is this bad ?

    late to the party but that is nothing to be concerned about. That's pretty light debris from my experience. Probably shavings from the parts welded together to make the frame tanks. Here's mine at around 10K miles and again later on:
  14. Beach Fool

    Oil pressure question

    Pull the plug so you can get more RPM from your kicks. You can also spin the motor with an impact wrench and socket on the flywheel nut. Also you can put compressed air ( low pressure, say 30 PSI ) into the frame tank while kicking. Pinch off the vent hose to the rocker cover.