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  1. sracer

    18 FE250

    Sounds like either a 2018 FE250 or TE250 would be a good choice. The TE has the negative of a carb v. FI. Why would u prefer one or the other? And what would u do to desmog a FE250?
  2. sracer

    18 FE250

    good question... i did not see any 18 TEs heavily discounted until today...all that i had seen were FEs. Might be the better choice.
  3. sracer

    18 FE250

    I have been considering a low hours used '15 FE350 but given the price, wondering if the better choice is a new 18 FE250 for about 20% more? There are a couple dealers sitting on these and they are discounted heavily. I'm a trail rider, old, 180#, just trying to have some fun. Have been riding an old 250 2T Mx bike which is not the best for trails. Opinions...hopefully from someone that has a FE250 or has ridden both the 250 and 350. Thanks
  4. sracer

    Dallas area trail riders?

    rode there last weekend after a fair amount of rain over the prior week...I'd say it was fine, with the elevation changes a lot runs off so only the low spots and creek crossings are puddled. It's not a gumbo mud place at all. We mostly rode single track. The double track faster stuff does have SXS, jeeps, etc. on it. My experience is that it is never crowded, particularly during the week.
  5. sorry, but someone has to say it: you got no balls!
  6. sracer

    Dallas area trail riders?

  7. sracer

    Dallas area trail riders?

    OK...hopefully the water will stop falling at some point and we'll have some choices.
  8. sracer

    Dallas area trail riders?

    I'm east of D near Lake Ray Hubbard and would also be interested in riding with others, mostly weekends. I've been to Red River but not TH or Rocky Ridge. And I've been to Barnwell Mountain (Gilmer) 3X in the past few months and really like it. It is well marked and has a 27 mi. single track MC loop; no ATVs! I have a rough plan to head out there this weekend again if the predicted 60s weather happens and things dry out a little. LMK if you are interested via PM.
  9. sracer

    Dallas area trail riders?

    Agree that Barnwell is a great place to ride especially if you live east of Dallas. It's a relatively painless trip east, although I live north of you so I take the back roads most of the time - 276 to Emory, then south. PM me if you are looking to ride.
  10. Monarch crest is an epic MTB ride. Definitely a shuttle deal unless you're really trained for it. Did it a few years back with a bunch of friends. The motorcycle looks like a lot of fun too...and the uphills are a lot easier!
  11. Sorry, the only photos we took were of our smiling faces and muddy bikes! (There were some creek crossings and mud in low spots.) And no video was taken, we are relative amateurs and don't want to show off our skills. Some more info: This was my second time at BM, the first I was alone and more cautious and the motorcycle trails appeared to be little used. This time the trails had seen some use, so it was easier to follow the lines. The trails are well marked and cross over the jeep roads or double track regularly. If you decide you want to go fast, just get off the trail and fly for a bit on the wide stuff, then duck back in to the ST. Many of the trails are what i would call tight single track, first to second gear at lower speeds, lots of trees to navigate with quite a bit of up/downhill. I have only ridden in CO in the past 5 years and the trails there are much faster and wider as they mix 4 wheelers and MCs on the trails and they see more use. There are lots of jeeps and 4 wheelers at BW but you won't see them on the ST as they are restricted to MC only. Maybe next time we go we'll get some pics.
  12. Yeah...we enjoyed Barnwell Mountain in Gilmer TX with amazing mid 70s temps! Rode about 40 miles probably 75% single track in the woods.
  13. sracer

    RM-RMZ wheels interchangeable?

    Same issue. Emailed RM re: Tusk and they don't have a wheel for 2001 RM250. Curious if someone knows the difference between that fit and the RMZ 05+? If it's a spacer thing, those are easy to make.
  14. sracer

    Wheels for RM250

    Have an 2001 RM250 which needs the rear wheel either rebuilt - spokes are seized, there are plenty of loose ones, and the wheel runout is >.200". Does anyone know if later wheels fit? RM has Tusk complete rear wheel for $200...but not for 01, the oldest is 05 RMZ250. suggestions?