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  1. E-Ticket

    new honda service bulletin

    Thanks, denni...! Is there a Bulletin Number or some other header/title/identifier to help identify this service newsletter? Thanks! - RandyB
  2. E-Ticket

    Cooling fan kit for CRF250X available

    Way cool! Thank for the p/n confimation - mucho appreciated! we will definately be doing the radiator fan. We've already gone the Engine Ice route but there are still those really-bad 3mph trails out there...! Thanks again! - RandyB
  3. E-Ticket

    Cooling fan kit for CRF250X available

    Way cool, Rick! Do you think this really the Honda® part? Or just a good Dealer Kit? If you still have the packaging - could share the part numbers? Thank you so much! - RandyB
  4. E-Ticket

    Its that time again. . . Goldendale 24 Hour GP

    Okay, it's official. You guys (and ladies) are nuts. How long was the course? Congrats! -- RandyB
  5. E-Ticket

    KTM 450 EXC VS. 250X

    Agree on this one... In tight woods, on the 250X, I think I can run away from myself on my 450 EXC. In a more open area, I can ride my EXC faster/easier than the 2fiddy. Different horses for different courses... - rb
  6. This is the approach we're taking... - rb
  7. E-Ticket

    New MXA ...valve question??

    You guys are missing an important point.... Magazines... and test rides...and internet forums.... are just like opinions/a**holes... everybody got's one! You just need to remember that they are *all* information sources! Some will be better than others, some will slant x story one way, some will simply cut-n-paste from another info source. It's just like our little TT... we have some acknowledged experts in "x" field, we have a bunch of very experienced dirt bike riders/tuners, and we have a bunch of total newbies or "...I just heard from...." copiers. Just as there are excellent dealers/service departments out there who will tell you the truth to the best of their ability/knowledge. As there are dealers/etc. who will lie straight to your face, or couldn't locate their a** if it had a bell attached to it... Net-Net: it's all information... you just have to watch for the experts input --- AND/OR --- a proven solution proven by many riders/miles. And even then - motorcycles can be quite individual when it comes to wear-n-tear and riding conditions/areas. As are owner's skills and experience. Eventually the true fault/solutions prove out... and sometimes it takes a fair amount of time with a couple of dead-end trips. Just remember - if you're busy huckin' rocks -- you're not listenin' and learnin' ..... Personally, I put myself in this category: Cheers! - RandyB p.s. Best of luck to Jimmie Lewis and his new challenge!
  8. Food for thinkers: == Wife's 250X has "just" the RH intake valve "go" (lose clearance due to the valve face deterioating and sinking into the valve seat) == LF intake valve was still looking okay and in spec == Wife does *not* live on the rev-limiter or ride the pi** out of it. She does use it hard once in a while - but is not a hammer-head. She is more guilty of lugging it too low more than anything else. == We *did* an amazing amount of carb-slide "mud" and dust build-up in top or carb despite religious air-filter care. Current Plans: == have had both intake valves, piston, and rings professionally replaced == took apart, cleaned, and re-glued airbox_boot with Black RTV silicon == cleaned/modified the top plate of carb and greased heavily == have gone back to stock Honda air filter w/ No-Toil And our next step is to install the "Extreme Weather Carb Vent Line Kit" (installs filters and one-way valves in carb vent lines). Then in two weeks, we're doing the Elsinore Grand Prix - which should be a good dust test. Cheers! - RandyB
  9. E-Ticket

    Dirt in the carb...not the airfilter.

    Good point... I'm going to go to clear lines as well. Thanks! - rb
  10. E-Ticket

    Dirt in the carb...not the airfilter.

    well... not being a real patient guy when it comes to delayed gratification... ... I just ordered the "Extreme Weather Submarine_Dirtbike Vent Kit." Test and film at 11:00...! - RandyB
  11. E-Ticket

    Valves and valve seats during the valve change.

    Good points, Tuner! Also, remember (or tell your builder) to *not* lap in the new valves. They have a coating on the valve face that you do not want to remove. When we had our builder do our 250X valve replacement - he refaced the valve seats ... and then used the "original" LH intake valve (which was still in good shape) to lap in the valve seats and check the face match. That way he didn't have to put any lapping compound/wear on the "new" valves. But...for us... dunno if the builder checked/shimmed the valve spring to spec. We're "probably" okay as the wife does not hit the rev-limiter all that often... Cheers! - rb
  12. E-Ticket

    KTM 450 EXC VS. 250X

    Couldn't agree more, James. I love my '03 KTM 450 EXC.... It's been a great do-all bike - and very reliable. Got the wife a 250X and did the break-in for her out in the deep, dark Pacific Northwest woods. Was *very* impressed by it's handling and low-speed manners in the tight and twisties. Then I rode it at the Euro GP out in Goldendale, WA. (Open, fast, high-desert terrain.) Then it felt a bit underpowered, a little short (I'm 6' and 2xx lbs.), and just a bit twitchy here and there. In that environment, I was missing my bigger, longer, comfy Katoom w/ the bigger mo-mo. I love the Katoom's stablity, power, reliability, no rear shock linkage, easy as pie air filter swap, and it's easy adjust valves. I love the 250X's flickability, fantastic suspension, easy to check valve clearances, less compression-braking, and classic Honda fit-n-finish. I dislike the Katooms wooden seat, TWO oil filters_TWO screens, and less than plush-plush front suspension. On the Honda - I dislike the tighter airbox, and horrid carb access (frame blocks it). And I HATE the intake valve problem (we're on our second set). Bottom line? If I had the money/garage space - I buy and ride the 250X in the woods ... and my Katoom 450 in the faster, more-open riding areas and GP races. Both are great bikes ... and both have their specific strengths and weaknesses. I'd like to have both. Hmmm..... 450X..... Cheers! - RandyB
  13. E-Ticket

    Basics of cams and valve timing

    thanks for the info, Tuner! - RandyB
  14. E-Ticket

    Dirt in the carb...not the airfilter.

    Excellent, Rick! Getting and mounting these puppies will be our very first project after the Elsinore Grand Prix. (Not doing anything new this close to race time... they're running just fine right now...) Thanks much! - RandyB
  15. Anyone got a link/address for Hot Cams...? Thanks! - rb