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  1. uncle.gibbons

    CR500 exhaust silencer popped out while riding...

    Welp I got it back in with some customization, but as I returned from the trails yesterday I realized the end cap and baffle are gone for good. Popped out somewhere and I rode all over the place that day. Anyone on here got an old silencer lying around that I could by off of them? Let me know, and thanks for the help everyone!
  2. uncle.gibbons

    CR500 exhaust silencer popped out while riding...

    Trouble is my middle name.
  3. Hey y’all! Yesterday while ripping around I noticed my bike was sounding terrible so stopped to check it out and realized the end cap for my exhaust had popped off and looked inside and saw the silencer had popped out too. I searched around for an hour or so and finally found what I hope is all the parts. the spring, silencer, and end cap. After getting the bike home and trying to get the silencer and end cap back on I realized that silencer seems to be too long? I don’t know how it was in there before (bike is fairly new to me). not sure if it was always like this or if I’m just putting it in wrong. The end cap is the only place I’m able to open the pipe up. It’s welded everywhere else. Here is a pic of inside the pipe. should i I just cut the silencer to size? Or, what am I doing wrong here? I don’t even know what to do with the spring. Thanks!
  4. uncle.gibbons

    My XR600R need some TLC

    If there is really no spark it could be some electrical component seizes working when hot.
  5. uncle.gibbons

    To Farmington, NM area dirt bikers re The Glade

    Whoa! They coaxed people into documenting all the trails in your area only to close them? That's &%$#@!ed up.
  6. uncle.gibbons

    My XR600R need some TLC

    I don't really get this post. You just wanted to test the compression out of curiosity, which is fine, but the bike was otherwise running well? And now since you became paranoid about low compression a plethora of other problems have presented themselves?
  7. You'd be fine. People have toured on everything under the sun as long as motorcycles have existed.
  8. uncle.gibbons

    Cornering in sand...

    Lol! Totally quoted the wrong person. My bad!
  9. uncle.gibbons

    Cornering in sand...

    I'm out in ABQ and looking for folks to ride with. I'm more doing trails than MX though.
  10. uncle.gibbons

    Rubber Chicken Dual Sport Ride

    Well, I didn't know about it, but now that you mention it... sounds awesome!
  11. uncle.gibbons

    Weird Xr650l problem..

    It always lets me down
  12. uncle.gibbons

    Weird Xr650l problem..

    Hey everyone, I cleaned the hell out of the carb and my problem has disappeared! Thanks for the help!
  13. uncle.gibbons

    WANTED! Trail riding partners in Albuquerque!

    Ya sometimes I'll get back home and be shocked at how many miles I've ran up. It's a great deal of fun out there for sure.
  14. uncle.gibbons

    WANTED! Trail riding partners in Albuquerque!

    I’ll ride with you. I usually hit the trails off southern in Rio Rancho.
  15. uncle.gibbons

    Weird Xr650l problem..

    The problem, in short, is that I’m having a strange, intermittent fluctuation of idle speed. So, my bike is set up with stock pipe, stock jetting, air screw mixture at 3 turns out, needle raised with a washer, smog removed (not that that matters). This set-up has been working great for me. My problems seemed to start when I took a spill two weekends ago which left my bike upside down for some time trying to get it up right. I know I flooded the the cylinder and perhaps fouled the plug as it took me a while to start it wide open throttle. Anyway, for the rest of my ride that day (maybe ten miles of semi technical trails) the bike would stall when pulling in the clutch to go around a tight turn or something. I could rev the bike and keep it running. I chalked it up to a foiled plug and let the bike sit for about a week before riding it this weekend. It started up great and idled great while warming it up and then when I hit the trails it did the same thing! So I brought the bike into the garage and took the side panels off and checked out the air filter, which was filthy, and cleaned it. I thought that maybe some dirt could have flown through the filter and was gumming up the pilot circuit so I pulled the carb and cleaned it. Also while doing this I pulled the plug and it was not fouled whatsoever. It looked great. I put the bike back together, test rode and the bike still died coming to a stop so I adjusted the idle speed and it still did it. I thought maybe I’m somehow too rich at idle so I turned the air screw in 1/2 turn and that seemed to help. Now my problem is that the idle will fluctuate. It’s not so much a surge, but it seems to fluctuate very steadily and will sometimes still die while coming to a stop. Any ideas?? Sorry for the novel! Just wanted to be descriptive.