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  1. shoe1151

    dr 650 carb question

    I will check it out!
  2. shoe1151

    dr 650 carb question

    I did the jet upgrade on the carb to 145 jet size and opened up the air box , put in a K&N air filter, drilled the slide out, used the tapered needle from the ProCycle kit. Wow, that really made a difference, quicker throttle response, no lagging from a stop or rolling the throttle on, more mid range, I love what it did for the bike! Thankyou, for all the help and quick response, you guys are awesome!
  3. shoe1151

    dr 650 carb question

    thanks for all the info, I think i will take your advice and make the simple mods firsts and see how it feels then go from there!
  4. shoe1151

    dr 650 carb question

    thanks guys for the help, looks like i need to go muffler shopping before i get too carried away! any recomendations on mufflers and best place to purchase?
  5. shoe1151

    dr 650 carb question

  6. shoe1151

    dr 650 carb question

    Hi, Fellow Thumpers, I picked up a 2007 DR 650 Mint Condition with 1100 miles on it for 3K which leaves me a lot of room to farkle and upgrade! Carb and air box are first on my list. I have ordered a ProCycle jet kit for the stock carb and I am going to open the air box up but stay with the stock muffler for now, my question is Pro Cycle lists in the instructions to use the 145 jet with the stock muffler, has any one tried the 150 jet with the stock muffler? if so is there any difference or should i put in the 145 and be happy?