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  1. JonJ

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Ok, thanks for this thread! Only problem is the factory service manual says the Teihin 30 carb on my 99 TTR 250 already has a #52. pilot jet. So, not sure what size I should run?
  2. JonJ

    Carb issues

    Oh yes of course. I have it 2 turns out right now but it's still doing the same thing. It's like the main jet needle gets stuck and then slips back where its supposed to be. I just ordered a regular petcock valve for it and an in line filter also. Thanks very much for your help also!
  3. JonJ

    Carb issues

    Idle mixture screws? I'm not sure I know where those are and I've been through this carb top to bottom
  4. JonJ

    Carb issues

    Thank you so much! Super appreciate the help. I will give it a whirl after work. Again much thanks! Jon J.
  5. JonJ

    Carb issues

    My 92 DR 250 S has the Mikuni BST 33SS carb on it and I've thoroughly cleaned it out and put the lower bowl kit in it. Problem is it the idle. It sometimes ( most of the time) won't idle down and when I adjust the idle screw down the idle goes down and almost dies. I can't find a complete rebuild kit for it so far. Anyone have suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jon J.
  6. JonJ

    92 DR 250S carburetor hoses

    I'm new here but I just got a 1992 DR 250 S and had to take the carb off for cleaning. I don't think the previous owner had the hoses to the Mikuni 33 ss hooked up correctly. I know the small pencil size one goes toward the front of the carb for the vacuum petcock but its the other ones I'm having trouble with. Which one operates the diaphragm slide? Please help! Thanks