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  1. Stock Honda XR650 cap fits, looks good, is good quality.
  2. There is a set local to me for sale and I am wondering what to offer...
  3. bofe954

    Question about lowering the DRZ front end

    My suspension knowledge is limited but...In general lowering the front without the rear will result in a fork angle change that will make the bike turn quicker but be less stable at high speed (because it can turn quicker). Drop it and ride it, see if you like it. My fork tubes are raised up enough in the triple clamp to touch the stock bars. It's fine, maybe a little more skid plate contact here and there.
  4. bofe954

    Skid/Glide/Smash plate- who makes a KILLER?

    I ordered one from them a long time ago (like '05). They were a little slow and I did email them and ask where it was before it showed up. I think it's a pretty small operation and they may be out of contact or slow, but my bet is that they are not ripping you off and you will get your plate. You will like it when you get it and think it was worth the hassle. You may have to dremel a hole or two to get it to bolt up.
  5. bofe954

    Anyone wanna sell their "Blue" OE seat?

    I have one, I can get pics out this weekend sometime. How much are you thinking? PM me your email info so I can send pics. May not get to it until Sunday, so let me know if you find one too.
  6. bofe954

    Cant Bleed Brakes !!

    The big bend in the cable always gets me. I take the whole assembly of the bar and pump it a few times.
  7. bofe954

    Valves at the same time as Hotcams?

    Cam specs are posted in the sticky. Hotcams intake has more lift and duration than the old E cams, the exhaust has less lift and duration than the old E cams. So a stock E has close hotcam spec cams and 1K higher redline than a S/SM on the same valves and springs as an S/SM. I installed the old school stage 2 hotcams and did the valves and springs at the same time. I am paranoid. I will say that it adds a TON of work to the project. The cams would be a quick and dirty couple hour job 9mostly valve adjustment) but pulling the head off requires the removal of a lot of other stuff to get it out of the frame. If I did it over I would add the cams and ride it a year or two and then do a big bore and valves. I damn near ordered an Athena while my head was off just for the fact that it wouldn't have been much more work at that point.
  8. bofe954

    MN Flatrack training

    I got out of work that day. I am going to go. I think I'll bring my DRZ. If riding on the track after doesn't look like fun after the class I'll be halfway to the St. Croix trails...
  9. I have read not to compress more than 50% somewhere. I compress mine enough so that the straps are tight and try and leave some room for suspension travel. The bungee is a good thought too.
  10. You aren't forgetting about the vacuum line on fuel petcock are you?
  11. I bought mine from Sudco. I really don't remember all the details but it works fine. I had to specify which needle I wanted at the time and I just did what was recommended here (EMN maybe?). It is a bit of PITA to get in there. Prying back the airboot with the handles of a big channel lock was the key for me, have someone else hold it and put the carb in. Make sure that you reattach the air boot to the carb by putting the back of it (that you can't really see) on first. Then use the tab on the boot to pull the rest on. What specifically are you having problems with? Did you buy the necessary OEM parts?
  12. bofe954

    2005 DR-Z400S Leftover...Should I buy?

    My '05 S was about 5K new. I can't see why having it sit a year or 2 would make any worse. Battery maybe? Buy it, you won't get a better deal than that. If you are prepared to do the the mods you mention I bet you'll be satisfied with your choice.
  13. bofe954

    Do not buy a Clarke Gas tank!

    I have a clark gas tank in the mail. I already have the XR650 gas cap assembly sitting on the shelf. The clark cap will go in the trash before it goes on the tank. It is kind of lame on the part of clark I guess, but I could start a list of parts I have replaced on the DRZ to make it better for me and this is just one more. What other option do you suggest? IMS? No thanks, do a search. Acerbis, I'd like to but I don't want to deal with the whole "mounting an E tank on an S" issue. Buy the XR cap instead of giving clark more money and solve your problems.
  14. I did the free tire giveaway and they sent the wrong tire. They sent me a 110 rear MX tire instead if a 90 scorpion pro front. There was some info@pirelli email that bounced back and another "contact us" box on their site that doesn't work. Any help?
  15. The stock Yoshi claims to be around 96 but there are a lot of claims that when actually measured it is not. This may just be worn out yoshi's that need to be repacked, I don't know. There used to be more tec inserts available for the RS-3. One that was quiter than the medium. The only reason I care is that I am going to be travelling to a couple rides that have a mandated 96db limit and measure. If I am too loud I will be going home. I don't want to pack up my bike and all my stuff and haul somewhere for nothing.