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  1. Can i bypas the choke on yam 66o raptor cadbs? Is there a vacume leak if the cable screw on the carb is missing.cRbs are on a xt 600 bored to 630cc


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    Ya..i got one too .84..bored 640cc..11.5/1 comp ..raptor dual carbs.fast as hell.wellie any time except 6th gear.love it.parts are around.i have the original 600 mptor that rund well.lottle smoke when cold.i have broken 2 kickstarters that i had and one from a tt 500 All were kind of ratty when i got the bike.way hard to bump start.skids rear tire or slipps clutch in 3rd or 4th.need two guys on to bump it.i need a kickstarter!anybody got one