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    NEW 2018-2020 KTM 85 SX Fuel Tank by IMS Products MS Products is excited to announce the new KTM 85 SX Fuel Tank and add to its wide range of options for bikes, both large and small. Designed to hold 2.25 gallons of fuel while maintaining a sleek look and comfortable feel. With over 40 years of experience in fuel tank design, IMS has you covered to go the distance. 2.25 Gallons Available in Black and Natural Screw Top MSRP: $325.00 http://www.imsproducts.com/ Jett Lessing 2018 AMA Hare and Hound Champion
  2. Hey TT'ers, hope you don't mind some spam! Well, the good kind anyway! We're a TT Sponsor so go easy on us! ­čśő Introducing The New Husqvarna 701 Auxiliary Tanks Riverside, CA : July 30, 2019 : For Immediate Release IMS Products, the industry icon for off-road innovations, is excited to introduce the new Husqvarna 701 auxiliary tanks. With this cutting edge system there is no need to switch on any valves to access an extra 2.5 gallons of fuel capacity as the tanks create a closed system with the OEM tank. Set up is made simple with step by step illustrated instructions. With quick disconnects on all fuel connections making installation and maintenance hassle free, IMS Products makes it easy to fuel the fun. MSRP: $625.00 -Adds 2.5 Gallons to your existing OEM Fuel Tank -Available in Black and Natural -Retains low fuel indicator -Includes everything needed for installation -Custom billet aluminum gas cap -Custom powder coated steel brackets for added support -Requires small trim on your OEM shrouds for gas cap clearance Get yours @ IMS Products