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  1. Rhyno85

    Suzuki DR200 (1986)


    First dirt bike I ever owned, love this bike.
  2. Rhyno85

    Suzuki DR200 1986

    First dirt bike I ever owned, love this bike.
  3. Rhyno85

    DR200 with TM33

    Thanks for the info John I will definitely look into rebuilding the pump on my carb to begin with, didn't think I could rebuilt that part. Would still be interested to see how your new one turns out whenever you get back to it. Have a great summer.
  4. Hey I am rebuilding a '86 DR200 as well and am curious how your new TM33 setup is working in your bike?
  5. Rhyno85

    DR200 with TM33

    Hey Johnniel1, I am restoring an '86 DR200 as well and need a new carb(mine is missing the accelerator pump); how did the TM33 work out for you? What did you end up with for the jets?