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    DR 350se Idle issues

    Can you please post links? I feel like I've tried everything now that I've read, and it still isn't working. Maybe I'm missing a couple threads you've seen
  2. Mountainridersofmn

    DR 350se Idle issues

    my 94 350 is having a hell of a time idling and running. if I start it, the only way it'll idle is if it's at half-choke. If it's on full choke, it revs really high at any choke after it warms up, it bogs down immediately, even just breathing on the throttle seemingly 🙄 only indications I have thus far is my F/A mix is backed out 2 1/4 turns, my main is 127.5, pilot is 37.5, the spark plug is a white color (lean), i added an inline fuel filter about a month ago after some gritty shit in the gas tank dumped into the carb (so much for the internal screen), and I haven't touched the needle. Can't remember if I messed with the idle screw or not. reading around, other people seem to be pointing to 140 for their main jet, even though OEM specifies what I have. bike ran ok, but it ran good when I was in 8000ft elevation about a month ago, drop down elevation (1,000ft) and now she can barely yank crank. Thoughts to fix this?
  3. Mountainridersofmn

    94 DR 350, idle/carb problem

    Purchased this DR 350 a couple weeks ago, traded up from my old DR 200. Right away I drove it around my home, and everything ran perfect on it, idled great, pet cock worked as it should, good air/fuel mix. I brought it to Wyoming for a week of riding (+7,000 ft in altitude change). Ive been told that this bike ran ok without needing a jetting change, and that running it a little rich for a week wouldn’t hurt the bike. Right away, it ran good for a couple days. Plug was looking rich but it wasn’t bogging out or anything bad. Day 3 I flipped the gas tank petcock to reserve on the tail end of a 100+ mile ride. Turns out, years of grit and dirt at the bottom of the tank, just dumped into my carb and got my carb float stuck, flooding the whole bike overnight. Since then, I’ve: 1. Had the carb apart multiple times for cleaning, until the float stopped sticking 2. Cleaned out my gas tank best I could, screens and petcock included 3. Changed the oil, to rid the gas from the crank 4. Re-installed the air intake boot to the carb after I discovered it was loose to begin with. 5. Added an inline fuel filter between the petcock and the carb, just to solve the immediate issue of drawing tank grit into the carb. Now, the bike runs and drives at my home altitude (1,000’). The plugs indicating a good burn (cocoa brown color). The float isn’t sticking. BUT, it -revs high, at cold start, revs really low when it’s warmed up (doesn’t die however) -bogs down really bad (bad lurch) as I accelerate at 3-4K rmp’s, so I end up engaging the clutch at roughly 6-7k -engine gets uncharacteristically hot after a couple mile test ride (granted, it’s been 95F the past week here, not sure how much of a factor that plays into air intake). I tried messing with the idle screw today, but the happy medium I found is just a level where it won’t die from idling too low, or rev too high. About 5-5.5 turns out. Has anyone had a similar experience, or even have better logic than I do, on this issue? Any input would be appreciated Also: I don’t feel as if it’s necessary to question the jetting, since it was running perfectly fine before I went to Wyoming at home altitude. I could be wrong however.