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  1. 30+ years of ATV racing and about 20hrs of dirt bike riding. My upper body is totally comfortable, but my lower body is confused. Lots of unlearning to do. ATVs you never take your feet off the pegs, you weigh the wrong leg when turning, and rarely squeeze with your knees. This is a necessity for me.
  2. I have OK bike skills. Graham Jarvis will never be impressed by my skills. Actually the 10yr old neighbor kid wouldn’t be impressed either.
  3. Thanks man. I appreciate the offers. I’m gonna make it up your way one of these days.
  4. I’m leaning towards racing it. I was looking at their website earlier. I’ve heard good things about the series and I have an itch to ride or race this weekend.
  5. Anyone running the VCHSS race up by South Boston Va Sunday? Never done a VCHSS race and may ride up there and check it out. C class racers run at 10:40am and the fast guys run at 1:00pm.
  6. Nice looking bike. Nice looking shop too!
  7. As an owner of a FX350, I am interested in the answer to this question.
  8. Hope this helps you. It fixed my issue.
  9. Thanks. It was dusty with a mix of silt and baseball sized rocks laying around the track. Just enough to keep you focused. LOL. We did have a nice section where you ran down a creek bed. Only 4-5” of water and solid stream bed made it enjoyable. It sure is nice to have an extra day before I have to go back to work after the race. I don’t have to try and make time throughout the week to clean everything.
  10. This one was at Outdoorsman ATV Park. The VXCS races at LST, Birch Creek and a couple other spots between Danville and Martinsville. 3hr drive from the house, so it’s not too bad. Mid East races are normally 4hrs away.
  11. A couple shots from today. It was hot and pretty dusty. No wrecks and no broken parts makes it a good day in my book.
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