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  1. Douwe Berger

    Carbon fibre tank covers

    Sweet man, I like that a lot! I'm wanting to go with a black rear fender, blue front, black wheels, blue frame guards, and custom graphics that have a lot of black, but with some blue and a little white thrown in. I'll probably go white on the # plates too, but who knows for sure. I'm not quite that far along yet.
  2. Douwe Berger

    Carbon fibre tank covers

    Could I see a picture of your whole bike? From up close, it looks similar to the look I'm going for, at least in the tank, graphics, frame cover area. I was hoping for a little inspiration 😁👍
  3. Douwe Berger

    Best way of cleaning engine cases?

    So brake cleaner like that is safe on trans bearings? I just want to make sure don't damage any bearings that are in good shape. I'm replacing the crank bearings.
  4. Douwe Berger

    Best way of cleaning engine cases?

    When you guys are going into cleaning methods here, are you leaving trans bearings installed? Anything you do special to protect those bearings or to work around them while cleaning?
  5. Douwe Berger

    Vertical lines on new clylinder

  6. Douwe Berger

    What do you do with your used parts?

    Haha, I throw out stuff like that. I really don't like keeping extra items. I figure if it was worn enough to replace I won't be going back to it. Plus my space is already super limited as is. But I suppose a crank and cylinder are a couple of items that are costly enough that it warrants keeping the spares.
  7. Douwe Berger

    What do you do with your used parts?

    Well as much as I fought it, I've decided to take y'alls advice. After finding that fixing and replating my old cylinder would only save me about $50 after you factor in shipping and everything, I decided I'd buy a new cylinder. My old one will be replated at some point but I'm going to leave the crack as is and set it aside as a backup. Same with the crank assembly. I may just get it rebuilt if possible and set it aside as a backup as well. For now my cylinder, top end kit, and new crank are ordered and being shipped. I don't have anything of any real value to post, but I'm posting about it because those were the big ticket items that were keeping my bike from getting rebuilt. Now that they're ordered, it looks like I may legitimately be able to have my bike together again by this summer! I'm beyond excited. I'm like a kid waiting on xmas right now! My wife doesn't share in my excitement so I just had to share with someone, haha! After I get these parts in and have my motor mostly together, I'll post up a rebuild thread because I mean let's face it, there just aren't enough of those threads on here (*sarcasm 😉😁)
  8. Douwe Berger

    YZ125 Dies when put into gear

    What's your strategy if it dies when you put it in gear? Just get on the gas and dump the clutch everytime you want to go? Do your friends have a bike you can ride? You ask an impossible question to answer without knowing the issue. So I would say, worst case scenario your bike locks up causing you to crash. While the bike is laid over, it catches some dry grass and gasoline on fire, your bike burns down to the frame, forest fire ensues, it burns over 150,000 acres making it the next Camp Fire, and you're on the national news saying, "Man I knew I shouldn't have taken my bike out but I just wanted to ride bro. It's been planned for ages." 😉😋
  9. Douwe Berger

    REALLY hard to shift

    I don't have a solution for you, but just a rule of thumb I generally try to keep in mind: If an operable part of any machine typically moves freely and easily, and suddenly it becomes stuck or difficult to move, DO NOT stomp on it or otherwise try to force it. You already know something isn't right at that point and you'll need to dig in to figure out the cause, so why not just do that instead of forcing it and likely damaging more expensive parts in the process? I mean what was your best case scenario if it would have shifted by stomping on it? Would you go out riding at that point, stomping gears along the way, having a crappy ride, and knowing your trashing the bike by taking it out like that? Sometimes the "grab a bigger hammer" method works for some tasks, like breaking loose a bolt which is designed to hold tight. That's not typically the case with levers and shifters though.
  10. Douwe Berger

    2018 yz250f THE TICK WONT STOP

    Haha, I didn't even have to say which previous owner, you knew exactly who I was talking about. Hopefully that place is getting back to what it should be and getting some good races. We did what we could but success was hard to come by when the guy signing the checks would grenade everything he got involved in.
  11. Douwe Berger

    2018 yz250f THE TICK WONT STOP

    How was Cycle Ranch? My wife and I ran that track for a little while but we had some disagreements with previous owner and thought it best to remove ourselves from that situation (as did basically everyone that worked with him). It's a real bummer because that place led me to walk away from the moto scene and dirt bikes in general for a good while, but it used to be a track I loved so much and I doubt I'll ever go back. Just bad energy there for me.
  12. Douwe Berger

    Inspecting transmission: what to look for

    Ok, cool thanks. I'll keep the gears with mushrooming windows. The one pictured is the worst one, but I don't hammer on the gears. I'll be riding mostly trails at a much slower pace than I used to ride. Honestly I'll be lucky to get one ride in a month with my current schedule, so I won't be racking up the hours either. I'll post up a picture of anything else I may question later, but overall, what I posted (last 2 pictures anyways) are the areas that seemed to have the most wear.
  13. Douwe Berger

    YZ250X first top end 73.6 hours

    I didn't want to start a new thread just for a top end gasket question, so I'm piggybacking off the most recent top end thread I could find on here. Anyways, simple question. OEM top end gasket kit goes for $45ish on RM MC. The ProX top end gasket kit goes for $23ish. Should I save myself the $20, or are they cheaper in quality as well? I dont want to spend almost double the $ for something that's of equal quality, but I'm also not willing to risk reliability for a measly $20.
  14. Douwe Berger

    Inspecting transmission: what to look for

    Ok, so the mushrooming on the windows of the gear pictured would be excessive enough to replace? Or would you say any mushrooming period would require replacing the gear? I'm sorry if I ask any dumb questions. This is just a long process since I'm so limited on time, and I want to make sure I do everything right the first time.
  15. I disassembled my transmission (05 yz250) and I just want to ask for some advice on what to look for as far as wear goes. When I ran the bike before disassembly, nothing stood out as far as issues with shifting other than the fact that it was the first Rekluse clutch I'd ever used, so all of that felt weird to me. I attached a few pictures. Does any of this look too worn? What else should I look for other than damaged gears? Upon looking at everything, it all seems fine to me, but I want to make sure I'm not overlooking anything.