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  1. discount18

    Clutch drag adjustment?

    Is your clutch still dragging? Have the same problem on my dr650. At this point I've replaced clutch washers, plates, springs, cable, didn't help.
  2. discount18

    Getting the clutch back in

    Here's a video illustrating the problem.
  3. discount18

    Getting the clutch back in

    I'm having trouble getting the clutch together after fixing my NSU bolt. I'm following this guide. Everything is assembled, but the clutch lever feels light when being pulled in and doesn't return after. The clutch arm is in the same position relative to the case as it was before. The clutch release shaft is engaged with the spline shaft (rotating the spline shaft counterclockwise pushes the case out, can't rotate in clockwise, at least by hand).
  4. discount18

    Bike stuck on a trail in NAPA area

    2 (two) kisses on the cheek.
  5. discount18

    Bike stuck on a trail in NAPA area

    Got it out. Thanks for your moral support guys ­čśś
  6. Soo, I went down a hill I couldn't go up on. And it ended up being a dead end. The trail I'm on is ~40 minutes from the nearest paved road. The section that's problematic is less than 100ft, the rest of the way is manageable. I'm out but the bike is still there. What are my options for getting it out? I'm 90% sure someone more experienced in dirt riding would be able to get it out, so I'd hope to avoid towing. Anyone? Your help will be rewarded.