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  1. Barry Ries

    Cam cap bolt doesn't want to go all the way down...

    I think that getting a good square start when you use it is the most important thing. (one good thing about being old and having experience its that you know what it feels like when it isn't going down correctly) If it doesn't start straight it will cause problems no matter how well you prepared it and if it starts out straight it will cover up a lot of sloppy preparation. And yes proper preparation makes it more likely to start out straight.
  2. Barry Ries

    Cam cap bolt doesn't want to go all the way down...

    You are a bit more meticulous about this than I am, and everything you wrote is a good idea. I often will put the nut in place prior to cutting the groove so that it is squarely on the threads and I don't have to fiddle with getting it started correctly.
  3. Barry Ries

    Cam cap bolt doesn't want to go all the way down...

    If you are economically challenged, stuck somewhere without access to your good tools, or just cheap you can take a bolt and cut a groove along one side of the threads, then run a new nut up and down the threads a few times to straighten out the threads. Now you can take the altered bolt and screw it into the hole, the stuff that is stuck in the threads and at the bottom of the hole collects in the groove and comes out of the hole.
  4. Barry Ries

    Cam cap bolt doesn't want to go all the way down...

    More often than not a dirty bolt hole can be cleaned out with a small screw driver and liberal use of WD 40. But I also have a nice tap and die set because when you need them, you really need them.
  5. Barry Ries

    Get yourself a JIS screwdriver

    I used to grind down the tips of phillips drivers, that lets them work much better with JIS screws. Now I'm using motion pro JIS screw bits.
  6. Barry Ries

    Cam cap bolt doesn't want to go all the way down...

    The first thing to check for is dirt or something else in the hole. Everytime you screw in the bolt you push some more stuff into the hole it needs to be cleaned out every now and then.
  7. Barry Ries

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    You mush have never pushed a Harley, pushing a DRZ is super easy.
  8. Barry Ries

    i question the 3x3 cutout

    Years ago I met a fellow riding an Ariel square 4. He had a system similar to choke plates on the ends of his 4 exhaust pipes. By moving the shafts he could make his bike loud or quiet, The shafts would move by themselves and open up if he gave it full throttle, but would stay in position during normal riding and acceleration.
  9. Barry Ries

    DRZ400E With Cali plates street legal?

  10. Barry Ries

    dr z400s

    You only use more fuel if you go faster and/or quicker. But with performance mods it becomes more fun to go faster and quicker so more fuel gets used.
  11. Barry Ries

    Soft bag from home depot...

    yes they are, and they probably will have problems if you ride fast.
  12. Barry Ries

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Still working on my sand game
  13. Barry Ries

    bmw g 650x challenge

    I think the X Challenge is a fantastic bike, I have an F800GS, also a great bike, BMW makes great bikes, but parts can get expensive. I got a DRZ because worrying about breaking expensive stuff was preventing me from doing stuff and learning things that would make me a better rider. I'm loving my DRZ but my girlfriend definitely prefers my other bikes if I'm giving her a ride somewhere.