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    Fe 450 valves

    Thanks, kinda answered my question. Looks like the repair manual is only available through the dealers and comes on a dvd only. Luckily its reasonably priced.
  2. kellyscholtz

    Fe 450 valves

    Thats guys, looks easy enough. Will open it up this weekend and see.
  3. kellyscholtz

    Fe 450 valves

    Just bought a 2015 fe 450. So little information available about them. Im a bit disappointed the owners manual doesn't detail valve checks. I would like to do an oil change and valve check. Oil change is easy but where does one get the service manual to do the valves? I haven't opened her up yet but are they shim under bucket type and what specs?
  4. kellyscholtz

    LC8 Clutch replacement

    I wouldnt replace unless your having clutch issues or its out of spec. The manual as above gives you minimum thicknesses.