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  1. carb all the way. less internet arguing and more riding! hahaha. Look people, the TPI is flawed. Whoever bought one, it sucks to be you right now but hang in there.
  2. raising the fork tubes turned the front end into a razor sharp pillow for me. YMMV
  3. Well a quick update... went for a good trail ride today and the precise feeling is back along with less arm pump. The tire stays.
  4. I am not going to spend my riding time trying to tune out the little bit of pipe bang I occasionally feel (usually after coasting down a FSR from the trail).
  5. My 19 300 with rktek and fairly lean lectron (half turn away from a bog) still has the occasional pip ebang. Doesnt bug me one bit, as its no where near what it was like stock
  6. I do, I find that if I set the metering rod to where the bike pulls hard off bottom (rktek lieks more fuel) then the idle is labored. I have the 4-1 rod. FWIW, I loved the way the biked pulled with a shaved XC head, especially down low (probably as a result of increased CR). Standing start hill climbs in 3rd gear. May go back to the oem cut head and post the rktek for sale.
  7. I just raised my fork tubes 5mm. Will report once I ride again. I have also been running 10-12 psi last few rides and it feels better. Its still super sluggish but tracks on rocks and roots really well. If its not as precise as the oem tire ill be trying something else.
  8. I dont like mine, it feels weird in everything but slow rocky terrain. It feels like there is a rubber band connected between my top and lower triple clamps. I am running Tubliss and have tried different pressures. I can only run it at 12psi or higher and the feeling is somewhat eliminated. My oem tire with tube felt much better, less plush but better. I only have 10 hours on the Shinko it and its wearing well. Would not buy again unless its all rocky terrain, it took alot of feel out of the bike for me. I am sure the internet warriors will have something to say/add/criticize .
  9. I think when it comes time to get a TPI bike I am just going to buy all the components made by aftermarket companies and stick them onto my carbed bike.
  10. Hahaha, in the days where you can fit 16gb of memory into a card the size of your finger nail, KTM really blew it.
  11. 19 had several changes including bodywork. The easiest way to distinguish is to compare the side plastics. The 18 also has a white frame, they started using dark blue for the 19. The 18 is still an excellent bike, I have ridden both and don't notice too much of a difference between the two. 18 19
  12. Looks like an 18 to me. Still a good deal
  13. Lol the carb bike have around 9000 threads going on jetting , hardly perfect either Im not going to start another carb vs FI debate, there are plenty of those around. I was just stating that I doubt people will dump their Carbed bikes (which may be jetted poorly from the factory, an easy fix... jet the stock carb or get a lectron/smart carb) for a FI bike that has a whole list of issues which not even dealers can figure out. I love my Lectron HV 19 with RKtek head. I havent touched the carb the motor for 50 hours now.
  14. I dont think so, I know I wont be selling my 19 carbed anytime soon. I think the 17-19 carbed are going to be fairly hard to get used until KTM finally figures out their shit with the TPI bikes. Might take a few years, I wouldnt count on the 2020s being perfect.
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