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  1. kamerads

    DR 650RS 1990

    Hello. I got some news on my DR. It runs. ­čśÄ So after your suggestions I checked the compression, after some kicking attempts I couldn't get higher than 60psi and there wasn't no one to push or pull me in 3rd gear, so I decided to put that away for a while. Then I decided to double check everything, bought some new spark plugs, new air filter, checked the voltage regulator, eveything seems fine. And again, no life. Then I decided to clean the carb 100% and YUP, I believe there was the problem, didn't have dirt in it, but spindles was covered in in lightly rusty gasoline, so I disassembled all carb out, some hardcore washing and air blowing of everything, some carb regulation on bike and there it is. Runs great, cold starts now almost every time on 1st attempt if not, the 2nd is 100%. One problem is there, the choke doesn't holds when pulled out, but that's no big deal, for now I put some spacer in there and warm it up. So the lesson here is to DOUBLE CHECK everything. Thanks for all your advice.
  2. kamerads

    DR 650RS 1990

    Thanks, tomorrow I will get the tool and check te compression. And what numbers should I get, if compression is good? Or where can I get some info for my DR, I've been searching around the web an nothing, I can find only some manuals from Dr650s starting from 94.
  3. kamerads

    DR 650RS 1990

    Hello. I have an issue with DR650 1990RS (kickstart only). Can't start it with a kickstart, but with pushing or pulling it goes on immediately as soon the tyre gets some grip and starts spinning, then it runs smooth like there's no problem? Where to go!!! Carb good, spark plugs good. Have no clue. oh, and i kickstart it like its on YouTube videos and every possible way I found on google. Help!
  4. kamerads

    Dr650 Faq

    Hey! A little help please, i have a DR650RS 1990, is there any manual for these bikes? Can't find any.