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  1. Florida Gliderpilot

    KLX250S to 300 with AHL kit?

    Installed this kit yesterday. Was reluctant because things generally do not go smoothly for me, but in this case it went fine. Took all day... I did not mess with jetting since my bike was running on the rich side. Jetting seems spot on based on how it feels. It definitely is stronger and sounds deeper. Pulling wheelies without clutch is now easy in 2nd gear with a little pull and correct timing. I am running 13/44. Wheelies in first gear are effortless just throttle and a litte tug. Will definitely be more fun in the single track. I used the provided gaskets. The two misaligned holes are not really an issue imo since coolant flows from bottom up, entering on that side.
  2. Florida Gliderpilot

    Help unburned oil coming out exhaust

    If a 2 stroke isnt drooling a little oil, then its not getting enough lubrication. Just sayin'.
  3. Florida Gliderpilot

    Help unburned oil coming out exhaust

    When was the last time you cleaned the air filter? I would do that before making any jetting decisions.
  4. Florida Gliderpilot

    The woes of selling / buying a dirt bike

    "Hey whats your best lowest price! will you take a broken lawnmower and an xbox in trade? how fast will it go and how loud is it! maybe my mom can bring me over tomorrow"
  5. Florida Gliderpilot

    Cleaning a Bike

    i use simple green and a soft brush with long bristles (actually a work bench hand broom). It gets into the nooks and crannies without scratching everything to hell. My bike is an '07. I ride every weekend and get it pretty dirty.
  6. Florida Gliderpilot

    Spray paint black rims?

    Why not strip the anodizing and polish them out? Never understood the black everything phase ... all scratches show up.
  7. Florida Gliderpilot

    Anyone moved from a DRZ to KLX250?

    I'm 5'4 and 215lbs and ride my KLX in the woods with a buddy who rides a KTM300. We have no problem staying together.. hopping logs, gnarly climbs, whooped out trails, my klx hasnt let me down yet. Its heavy when you need to pick it up and turn it around or something but other than that its been great. I did just get a 300 kit for it but only because my wife wanted to buy me something for christmas. I'd be fine without it. My fork springs were probably upgraded by last owner because static and race sag is perfect for me. Bike has not been lowered.
  8. Florida Gliderpilot

    any 250 owners interested in used 300 cylinder kit?

    I think $100 shipped would prob be fair since the other person will need to pay shipping too. But you'd have to trust they are going to send you back a cylinder. I'm not interested myself since I have a brand new kit sitting here and I'll be keeping the 250 as a spare. Sounds like a good deal I'm surprised someone else hasnt jumped in yet.
  9. Florida Gliderpilot

    any 250 owners interested in used 300 cylinder kit?

    If I'm not mistaken the 250 would not be an ideal core for boring to 351 because the coolant channels are larger so there is not much material to work with vs the 300. However if he is ok with 250 cores it would be a heck of a deal for someone to swap a 250 and a little cash for a used 300.
  10. Florida Gliderpilot

    Cleaning Old Cylinder? Help?

    cheap harbor freight sand blaster and baking soda as the abrasive
  11. Florida Gliderpilot

    $21 wide foot pegs

    Happy to pay $21 no problem there still a good deal. I do see them for $16+ shipping. BTW the oem mount that the peg attaches to is also cast fwiw!
  12. Florida Gliderpilot

    Drain bolt / crank case threads - uhoh

    Yeah I think its more of "long standing repair rules" vs modern reality. Castings are just better and machined better than they once were. I've heard many many people say they have used one half for a dirt bike repair with no issues at all. I only mentioned it because it was actually sometimes a problem on old kawasaki jet skis. I would definitely try it. Its much better than welding.
  13. Florida Gliderpilot

    any 250 owners interested in used 300 cylinder kit?

    Guess it depends on what you are asking. I just purchased a 300 kit from ebay (AHL) for $150 + $50 shipping with cylinder, piston, rings, and something which sorta looks like it intends to be a gasket. Would have rather found a used Kawasaki 300 set though.
  14. Florida Gliderpilot

    2009 KLX250 - Woohoo!

    Really fun bike, more fun off road than on.
  15. Florida Gliderpilot

    $21 wide foot pegs

    Just wanted to share that there are some wide footpegs on ebay for $21 free shipping from China. The listing title is "New Wide Footpeg foot pegs for KAWASAKI KLX250 94-96 KLX300R 97-07 KLX650 93-95" I took a chance and ordered a set and they work perfectly on my 2007 KLX250. Just wanted to share that.