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    Scotts/Ohlins steering dampner

    I just rode the 4wd roads in the San Juan mountains of southwest Colorado. If you've ever ridden off-road in Colorado,you know why they are called the Rocky Mountains. Steering dampers make a huge difference, had on on my KTM 300XC. Definitely need one on the DR,wont do another ride on those type of roads again without one. For easy smooth off roading no problem,ruts and rocks, without a doubt getting one.
  2. phil coconut

    IMS vs Stock petcock?

    My IMS tank doesnt work on my dr 650. The fuel flow is to weak with the supplied petcock to flow up into the carb. Had to go back to stock tank unfortunately. If Pingle makes one for this tank I'll try that next year, otherwise I'll sell the tank.
  3. phil coconut

    How To Make An IMS Tank Look Good

    Put 4.9 gallon IMS tank on, now bike only runs on full choke for about 2 seconds and dies. Plugged vacuum line,cheked filter, replaced with inline, cleaned carb,no difference. Never had this with any tank before, guess I'll go back to stock. Disappointed.
  4. I replaced stock tank with 4.9 gallon ims. Didn't touch the carb except to block vacuum line for stock petcock. Now it will only run a couple seconds with full choke and dies. Bike ran great with stock tank. No air in fuel line, cap off or on, no difference. Several others say they had some problems whit ims tank also. Pulled stock filter and put in inline filter.