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  1. davek18

    Show your PIG

    The rear tire is on backwards for sure, but the front tire is right in my opinion. I run them that direction on the front for braking traction, regardless of the arrow markings. Some front tires are marked that way, and others aren't, but logic dictates that way is right. I run directional tires on my car the same way, driving wheels follow arrow direction and braking wheels get reversed.
  2. davek18

    Show your PIG

    K270's work ok on the rear, too wiggly on the front for my tastes.
  3. davek18

    Tire balancing with rim locks?

    I have adopted the weights under the rim strip idea and I balance the wheel without a tire but with a tube partially inflated on the rim. Put it all together and add spoke weights if needed. so far I haven't needed spoke weights. You don't get a dynamic perfect balance, but it is surprising how much weight you have to add and you can definitely feel a difference on the road. I have had tire stores with the old dynamic spinbalancer that you balance the wheels on the car and spin it with a motor do them too in the past if I wanted it even smoother, but on a dual sport you don't need to go that far in my opinion. If static balanced pretty close I doubt the dynamic balancer would add much more weight to get perfect. I am kind of anal about tire balance on my cars too. A good tire makes some difference too. I remember back in the day when our shop did tire installs and static balance when you mounted a Michellin it slammed onto the rim with authority as you aired it and in some cases took no weight at all. I remember a set of Uniroyal all seasons on a 4 runner that took over 16 ounces each wheel, and on the road it still fell like crap for balance.
  4. davek18

    '83 XL600R Engine Problems?

    excessive popping is usually the decel diaphragm is bad
  5. davek18

    '83 XL600R Engine Problems?

    Seems everyone thinks the idle jet needs to be enlarged to run better. My experience has been that leaner is better for overall starting and running. They are all a little lean at mid due to needle restrictions. 3/4 throttle and above is mostly all main jet size.
  6. davek18

    1986 xl600r valve lash , confused!

    I have run both JE and wiseco advertised 11.1 pistons on pump premium with no issues. No name brands can be scary, I go through the trouble to calculate compression ratios with an online calculator just to know for sure. Compression is your friend, nothing is a better bang for the buck in my opinion. I prefer the stock cam characteristics for my riding. Works fine with more compression and bigger bore. I really like the low end thrust of these torque monsters and a cam will reduce that and add it to the top end. If you ride flat out, maybe a cam is good for you but I prefer the power down lower for trail riding especially. Power wheelies on throttle roll ons on the street are kinda fun too for that matter.
  7. davek18

    '83 XL600R Engine Problems?

    In your carb cleaning did you confirm the air bleed passages are also clear? I have had air bleed issues in the past that changed fuel mixture. Make absolutely sure that all passages are clear and clean and flow well. I usually spray cleaner though them and observe. The idle mixture screw will have an o-ring and washer on them too. if missing it can cause erratic mixture.
  8. davek18

    1986 xl600r valve lash , confused!

    I would probably skip the guides and springs, they are likely ok. Valve seals I would get from Honda. I am not sure that is an actual picture of the Wiseco piston. I have run both Wiseco and JE pistons. In both cases advertised compression ratio was higher than actual computed ratio. 11.1 was closer to 10.1 in my experience, unless they have revised their ads. And 10.1 is a pretty good ratio to run with premium pump gas
  9. davek18

    1986 xl600r valve lash , confused!

    Looks like valve dents in the piston, and the rings are definitely letting oil by judging from the washing. Rings and intake valves at a minimum.
  10. davek18

    1986 xl600r valve lash , confused!

    You can confirm TDC with a probe down the plug hole to see if it matches your flywheel
  11. The starting procedure has been outlined many times on this site but I will repeat it. 1.Crank the engine till TDC. ( I removed the kickstart release cable by personal preference to better feel it) 2. Pull the handlebar release and nudge the engine past TDC. (Just a small nudge, maybe 1/16th crank) 3.Brink the kickstarter back up and give it one good solid kick. Repeat as necessary. I apply full choke if fully cold. The only time I ever cycle it decompressed is for clearout after flooding, usually caused by laying the bike down. Open throttle wide and pull handle and give it 4 or 5 kicks to clear the combustion chamber. Then restart as normal.
  12. That is lower. See if it makes any difference on the fuel bouncing out of the bowls. As a general rule the floats shut off the flow when they are parallel to the gasket surface, more or less. I can't imagine why starting cold is so hard. The left float bowl has the jet and passage for the choke in it, make sure those are right. The choke is an enrichener and draws fuel through that jet and passage by manifold vacuum when the choke is operated. If you open the throttle the vacuum and thus choke goes away. My XL is one or two kicks cold, no priming dance, no clearing, nothing, Pull on choke, do the starting ritual and kick.
  13. davek18

    No spark

    Check for a /c voltage at the ignition wire out of the stator. red/black as memory serves me. You should get 50+ volts kicking. If not, possible stator death.
  14. davek18

    '83 XL600R Engine Problems?

    Plugged slow jet would be my first guess, if it ran fine before sitting.
  15. davek18

    1986 xl600r valve lash , confused!

    At the tdc mark you will have either all 4 valves loose and able to adjust, or both intake and exhaust rocking position, if in time. If the vales are not rocking on the mark then you may be out of time. I use that as a quick check sometimes.