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  1. Dodger donuts...no sprinkles.
  2. bandit99

    707 RACING Suspension is top notch !!! in all service

    +1 on 707. My suspension is amazing.
  3. So I have a parasitic drain on my battery. I thought I traced it to the Regulator Rectifier but I switched that out and still get the same draw. When I remove the Reg/REc the draw goes away. So for you electrical experts: By adding the reg/rec I am closing a circuit, correct? I tested the connector that leads to the reg/rec. With the negative off the battery, I put one lead from the multi meter on the battery negative and one to the brown wire on the connector. This gave me the same amp reading as when the reg/rec is connected. My thought is I have a short in the wire harness or a component down the line. Would a short pull amps?
  4. bandit99

    Anyone here night ride?

    This a dual sport ride near Sonora, CA
  5. bandit99

    Anyone here night ride?

    I like to night ride but haven't done it in a while. It is great in summer when it is too hot to ride during the day. https://youtu.be/ru3OeH9LcAo https://youtu.be/H2E6ZBOO00A
  6. bandit99

    2015 Cowbell Enduro is coming...

    Anyone know if this event is close to being sold out?
  7. bandit99

    I'm a new Dirtbike rider looking for friends

    Since you live in Antioch I would recommend going to Carnegie, Metcalf or Hollister to start. They all have some easy trails. Carnegie has more hill climbs than trails though and might be intimidating. Hollister is the best since they have one way trails. Make sure you bike is legal though. These places will check for registration sticker and spark arrestor. I would only ride Stoneyford or Upperlake if you have someone experience to go with you that knows the trails. Is the SSR125 green or red sticker? If you can't register it you can't ride it at any OHV park. It is essentially only legal on private property.
  8. bandit99

    I'm a new Dirtbike rider looking for friends

    Because crashing is part of dirt biking, here is some advice: Buy a good helmet and wear it. You can crack you head when you least expect it. Get motocross boots. Not street bike boots. You can get a cheaper pair to start. Dirt bikes have a way of crushing toes and snapping ankles without boots. Sometimes even with them. Get shin guards with knee protection. These are relatively cheap at cycle gear. Cracking you knee cap is no fun. Elbow pads are a good idea too for the same reason. You don't need to spend money on a fancy jersey or riding pants to start. A pair of jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt is fine for now. I second on selling the Chinese bike and getting a Japanese bike. You will be happier. You will figure this out on your own though. Ride your own pace. Don't go down anything you don't think you can make back up.
  9. bandit99

    Ca. Sing along

    Save the Beer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtgSCZ7eLQQ
  10. bandit99

    KTM 530 EXC OEM gas tank

    Place the tank on the bike and run the engine a bit. The tank will warm up and be easier to install.
  11. For me the popping and feeling unstable had taken about a year or so to go away. It was kind of one of those things that all of a sudden I it was gone.
  12. bandit99

    Alpinestars Tech 8 Light Boots

    These boots are garbage. The "light" should be changed with "cheap". The half booty is stupid. Bring back the old school tech 8's' from 8-10 years ago. Those were quality boots.
  13. bandit99

    Seat Concepts Seat

    Best seat I have has so far. I have tried a lot of them too.
  14. Well, it is 2014 and my repaired hip is doing great 5 years later. The problem is the other side is giving me problems. Most doctors I have seen say if one hip has FAI the other one will probably need it too. This side is a little different than the other side. I though I was having back pain but is turns out to be an FAI issue. The pain started in the upper buttock but has slowely been moving down to the side of my hip and groin. I originally thought it was a sciatic issue and I think it was causing some sciatic pain because I was compensating for the hip injury. I am waiting till November to get it fixed. Might as well get healed in the offseason.