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  1. My vote is for a May race. Love the good weather HS. That back section is great when it can be disked up.
  2. Thumpy79

    Downed Rider at the 1-15-12 VDR HS?

    Yep, just got the wobbles and as dirtaddict says, he hit that bump and that was it.
  3. Thumpy79

    Downed Rider at the 1-15-12 VDR HS?

    I don't think us motocross guys are any different. I cut off the video but I was 4th gear so I couldn't exactly stop right there. I turned around and the guys behind me had already stopped so I went up and got the medic because the crash was out of his view. I didn't just continue on with the race like it didn't happen if that's what you are implying. I agree that we have to take care of each other out there. I just wasn't aware of his current condition and the track medics didn't give me much information after the race.
  4. Thumpy79

    Downed Rider at the 1-15-12 VDR HS?

    Well I haven't found anything negative so here's the crash. Real Speed SlowMo I really hope the guys okay.
  5. Anyone heard any info about the guy that went away in the ambulance at the race? I'm hoping he's alright, but haven't heard any news.
  6. Thumpy79

    VDR HS round 5: 1/8/2012

    Just got back from the doctor. I broke my thumb in that second turn crash. Looks like I'm out for the next one.
  7. Thumpy79

    VDR HS round 5: 1/8/2012

    Great weather. Race was up and down for me. I was involved in the second corner crash for the 4th start and got up pretty much last. However it did give me the chance to turn on my helmet cam, I forgot to turn it on before the start. I was behind the guy that crashed on the back strait and had to avoid the crash. If anyone has any information that would be cool, I got the crash on my helmet cam but won't post it unless the guy is okay. I saw the guys behind us stop so I hurried up to the medic to let them know he was hurt real bad. Glad guys stopped. They said he was breathing when he left. He got head shake real bad and tank slapped over the bars. I saw him getting squirely so I slowed and was able to avoid him. Tough thing to witness.
  8. Thumpy79

    Track conditions 12/28/11

    Thanks. I was thinking Aztec. Never been there and they seem to have the least amount. My wife reminded me that she has to pick up her parents from the airport and needs the big car. So now that's out. Maybe I can swing it Friday. Keep it posted. I'm in the Denver area and wouldn't mind meeting some new people to ride with. My son needs a riding buddy as well. He's 6 and on a 50.
  9. Does anyone know what the tracks are like right now? I'm trying to decide whether to take tomorrow off or not to ride. I got a helmet cam for Christmas that I'm itching to take out. The IMI webcams looks white.
  10. Thumpy79

    VDR HS round 4: Sunday 12/11

    Definitely a tough one. I was going good until I wiped on the first lap and then again on the 5th lap. I called it a day at that point. Rough race.
  11. Thumpy79

    VDR HS round 4: Sunday 12/11

    The news last night said 55 degrees Sunday. Looks good for some mud and ruts
  12. Thumpy79

    The parking lot is NOT a track

    I can't stand pit racers. I went out to IMI yesterday and it was packed. The track was great but it seems like that track just attracts idiots. I parked by the "kids" track and there was some knucklehead on a big bike speeding around it with no helmet. Other guys were going wide open through the parking lot and it was packed. I always bring the kids out and they love to hang out by the truck and play, but the pit racers can be an issue. I don't understand why the track owners won't police it a bit better. Maybe I'm ignorant and it's an MX track parking lot and not a play area, but there are speed limits and helmet rules that should be enforced. I'm all for the wheeelies and hauling on some straits but do it away from the parking lot. I went to a track in AZ over the holiday twice just to watch and there was none of the stuff I see at IMI.
  13. Thumpy79

    MX Track close to surprise AZ?

    Great. Looks like speedworld has a race Saturday night. Might check that out.
  14. Thumpy79

    What happened to the VDR round 3 thread?

    Now I see them. My results look correct.
  15. Thumpy79

    What happened to the VDR round 3 thread?

    Where do you guys see the results? I still only see Sept and Oct.