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  1. Sorry. I can’t help you out with that. I’m not super picky about bars. I’d just run to a local shop and grab a standard set of Renthals that looked pretty similar and slap them on. Hope you’re healing up well and back riding soon.
  2. I would definitely say you should replace them even if you straightened them acceptably. Once bent and especially once bent back you run the risk of them breaking.
  3. If you’re looking for five or six inches of rise you could look into some ATV handlebars.
  4. Your setup sounds pretty identical to mine. I ride exclusively around 5200 feet though. And my fuel screw is only two turns out. Couldn’t tell you how my bike would run at 3000 feet but mine runs like a top up here. Maybe you’re a touch lean at 3000? Maybe raise the needle one slot?
  5. ray1970

    Tool Kit

    I literally have the same bike and bought it strictly for around town use on paved roads. The tool kit was one of the first things I pulled off. I figure being an “around town” kind of bike I just couldn’t envision a scenario where I’d choose to make a repair in a parking lot somewhere instead of making a phone call or two and trailering it home to work on it.
  6. Yep. Raise the bars. Not only would lowering the pegs screw with your ground clearance and cornering but would possibly make operating the rear brake and shifter difficult.
  7. 3D printing a set hadn’t even crossed my mind. Pretty sure I know a handful of people with 3D printers who would probably be happy to help me out. And since aluminum was also mentioned, I do know a couple of guys who have some nice CNC equipping as well. Couldn’t get those done in blue without sending them out for anodizing though.
  8. Nice write up. Mine came with sliders from the factory but they aren’t very pretty. I’ve been kicking the idea around of replacing them with skateboard wheels so I can do something blue or with a cool design. I was also thinking about just trying to dye mine blue as that would cost me almost nothing but not sure if whatever they’re made of (delrin?) will take the dye very well.
  9. Since several people have mentioned the SM fender, I’ll just point out that you’ll likely not find it in the older, mustard yellow. Suzuki didn’t even put the SM model out until about four years after they switched to the brighter yellow. I’m not sure you can even find an aftermarket one in the darker yellow.
  10. Don’t overthink it. The throttle cables are just the interface between your right hand and the carb. Technically the carb can function just fine without the throttle cables even hooked up. It would just be really inconvenient and unsafe to ride around with your right hand working the carburetor directly.
  11. Twice so far. The first time it registered 96 on the speedometer and the second time it was 95. Not sure if the speedometer is accurate or not but it’s all I have to go by. My wife was following me on her bike on my second run and when we stopped afterwards I asked her how fast we were going and she said “about 95” which is what I saw so apparently both bikes were showing pretty much the same speed. My bike is jetted and piped but otherwise stock. I weigh about 160 and was ducked as low as I could to reduce wind drag. 95 or so is all it would do. Just wouldn’t pull beyond that but it wasn’t on the rev limiter. For the record, I only tried those two times to find the top speed. Mostly because where I ride the posted highway speeds are 75 or 80 and I just wanted to know what to expect if I need to make a pass on the highway.
  12. Lowering your highway rpm will take away some of your low end torque. I debated re-gearing mine but decided the factory 15/41 was likely the best compromise. I feel like 60-65 is the comfortable sweet spot for cruising with the stock gears. I’m about 5,280 feet higher elevation than you though so your mileage may vary. Also, it might seemed wound a little tight to you but there’s still plenty of usable rpm above where you’re cruising. I’ve run mine up to about 95 mph a couple of times. Do that once and suddenly you’ll see the rpms at 65 really aren’t that bad. Good luck.
  13. Plugged my DRZ into the battery tender today. Supposed to be down in the teens this weekend. Might take it off the charger and take it for a spin on Saturday though. Should hit about sixty that day.
  14. I giggle when people talk about handlebar vibrations on anything from Japan. A quick lap around the block on any Harley I ever owned would make you appreciate the silky smooth feeling you get through the bars of your Suzuki. I pulled my bar end weights when I installed my handguards and didn’t think twice about doing it.
  15. Ditched my factory tail light and that hideous rear plastic recently too. I’ll go with smaller blinkers soon. Don’t technically need blinkers on a motorcycle where I live but I prefer to have some just the same.
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