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    Dr 650 air box mod.

    Hours of trying to figure out why the lower end power band on my modified 650 wouldn’t work right I found out that the carburetor vent was too close to the open air box. Even though it was fairly far away it effected it. Since moving it farther away it runs much smoother in the lower power band.
  2. Mike Saul

    carb jetting

    I looked at that but it’s pretty far from the box. It’s ok at top end just lower rpms it’s serge.
  3. Mike Saul

    carb jetting

    I have a 2017 Dr 650 with open air box, pro cycle jet kit with 150 main jet, fourth needle setting, an a DG RST pipe on it. The problem is low end exceleration is choppy. Ive tried every needle setting with not much luck. Dealer says vacuum carbs are just that way. Not buying it. Any ideas?