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  1. Twitch909

    Show me your...BETA !

    According to that parts list, It would appear that the BA-4 bracket is included with the purchasing of the new tank anyway.
  2. Twitch909

    Show me your...BETA !

    https://shop.betausa.com/p/3-1-gallon-fuel-tank According to the Beta USA fitment guide you will need an additional Bracket, Im trying to source the same bracket so i can fit my old 2015 tank on my 2019 300rr, However IMS and BETAUSA wont respond to my emails.
  3. Twitch909

    Show me your...BETA !

    Looks good mate! Only options i'm familar with are the 3.1gal and 4.0gal offerings by IMS
  4. Twitch909

    E-start issue(s) on my 2017 500 RR-S

    Glad to hear the issue(s) are resolved mate!
  5. I was getting 60km (37 mi) Before hitting reserve with the untouched carby on the 2019 300rr. After setting float and changing the Needle to a NEDW clip 2 I now get 90Km (55 mi) Before hitting reserve. I am still using Beta's recommended Jets for my Altitude, I may go down a size on the main jet as the suzuki needle is Pretty fat once on the taper.
  6. Twitch909

    Show me your...BETA !

    +1 For these, I've run the same for a few years now - No complaints!
  7. Twitch909

    Can you identify this diode? (Pics)

    Judging by the schematic (italian) looks like its the Diode that runs to the Coil for the Starter motor Relay, I however dont speak italian so its just an educated guess. As for its function, Perhaps to prevent voltage spikes when the Relay de-energises. Should be able to be tested utilising the Diode check function on any decent multimeter. Should have a forward voltage between 1.5-2.5V or so - its data sheet will be able to tell you the exact figures. Just look up the Part number (google) printed on it side to find the data sheet
  8. Twitch909

    First Ride on 2018 Beta 300rr

    In my case, Metering oil into the intake at a rate determined by the TPS.
  9. Twitch909

    First Ride on 2018 Beta 300rr

    You run 100:1 in the first tank to Provide a little bit more additional oil whilst the engine is "bedding/breaking in" for the first tank. After the first tank you let the OI System do its thing.
  10. Twitch909

    RR suspension 2019?

    Nah mate, So unfortunately I cant comment on any improvements over the previous years. I do know that they are completely New forks to answer OP's original Question.
  11. Twitch909

    RR suspension 2019?

    I've Put 25 Hours on a Set of the 2019's on my new 300rr and have no issues. Mainly Sandy/Rocky Single trail, But have ridden most conditions on them with no complaints. They did take a bit longer than usual to "bed in", During that period were a bit harsh in the first portion of the stroke.
  12. Twitch909

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    Cant miss out on the last one of the season now can I? haha Last one I went to was the Capel 200 and that was ripper.
  13. Twitch909

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    Sprint this weekend ?? Unfortunately not mate, Have some family commitments to attend - Was really hoping on making it too
  14. Twitch909

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    Certainly am Mate, I've seen you floating around on a few of the local Facebook groups so i'd assume your WA also. I'll need to keep an eye out for you at some of the local events.
  15. Twitch909

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    Here's a few, I'll get some more this Thursday when I head out for a night ride. excuse the messy shed, was flat out all week getting the bike ready for the weekend