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  1. Nighthawk GS

    Stock DR jetting recommendation?

    Super happy with how quiet the stock exhaust is at idle... and doesn't seem too bad so far when revving. It looks and sounds like a boat anchor.
  2. Nighthawk GS

    Stock DR jetting recommendation?

    Hi folks, first TT post here... Wondering if someone can give a quick jetting suggestion for this particular configuration: 1999 DR650 Stock exhaust/carb Schnorkel removed; 2 1.5" airbox holes 2 1/4 turns out Looks like a stock foam air filter, kinda... Sea level, but get up to 6000' often, and much higher occasionally SF Bay Area, moderate temps and humidity all year Current config: 145 main/47.5 pilot/unknown pilot air Just got this bike to replace my KLR. Just got it running tonight, maybe after cleaning the pilot jet. Won't idle yet (doesn't quite sound like an intake leak), but seems very happy to rev. Thanks! Looking forward to my new favorite bike. ;)