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    CRF450X vs. 500 XC-W

    and you are an ass. take your opinions and shove them up your ass, you don't know a thing about how I ride, this whole site has become shit. Due to the likes of you. Punk! I am done with this forum crap
  2. Motosprtman

    CRF450X vs. 500 XC-W

    I am 61 and have owned a 2008 450X bought it new and uncorked it. The bike was stiff, wildly uncontrollable and had no low end. Not a woods bike for the pacific NW. At least not for me and my ability. I could ride my 2004 XR250R faster and better in the woods than the CRF. I took the plunge and bought a 2016 KTM 500 EXC. Dual sport. Street legal dirtbike. I find it astonishing. Broad linear power that seemingly never ends. Plush suspension, fine handler and a bike that loves to slide and goes where you point it. It does not feel as fast as the punchy 450X. But I can control it. It feels like a 125 when you want it to, and a open class bike when you want that. It is an incredible machine. Keep in mind my KTM is a EXC not the EXC-F.
  3. Motosprtman

    bad starter relay?

    mine was doing this also. 2014 DRZ 400 with 1K on it. I don't ride it enough. It is just my battery. I ride my XR650L and my KTM 500EXC... need to ride DRZ mo....
  4. Motosprtman

    Battery Dead?

    going through the same thing with my 2014 DRZ. 1K miles on it. Not regularly ridden and no tender. Rode it 10 miles and shut it off and then it would not start. Bump started ok. Went out to start today and it started then died, (went onto reserve gas) no restart, just tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt no cranking. I have a new battery coming. Had a 2011 Suzuki GSX 1250FA could sit all winter no tender and start instantly in spring. OEM battery when I sold it. 5 years old. Guess ya just never know with batteries.
  5. Motosprtman

    CB125 piston in a TL125

    I installed a CB125 piston in a TL125 engine, cannot get it to start.. I don't think there would be a difference...?
  6. Yes on the road the rear end felt odd, like it was moving around almost like going flat. Stopped checked al good. Chain adjusters aligned, pressure was at 24 PSI. I think it was sidewall flex. I have them on my DRZ400 also and they feel fine on it. This makes me think it bike weight related. ? yet they are very close in weight - 330 lbs - 317 lbs. maybe I just got a bad tire?
  7. Motosprtman

    Dirt Bike Mag test... XR650L

    what HONDA needs to do is to continue to produce it - good money maker and everyone loves it. But! Build something new! and NOT a CRF250L. and NOT a CRF 450X made into an L. a New completely new 500 or 600 unlike anything seen. They have the engineering know how and technology - but they will only build what they see the market will bare and make them money. So, for now they see - Adventure bikes as the craze - introduce the African twin. The XR650L is nearly pure profit, tooling paid for easily reproduced in mass and earning mucho money. I doubt that for another ten years it will change if ever.
  8. Motosprtman

    Dirt Bike Mag test... XR650L

    It is an honest test and evaluation of the bike. NO it is no KTM 500EXC but for everyday riding It cant be beat. I own a KTM 500EXC and a DRZ 400 also. Each unique in their own ways.
  9. Motosprtman

    Dirt Bike Mag test... XR650L

    it may be old and only BNG but it has and will endure
  10. Motosprtman

    Honda XL 250 Revival 1974

    The green ground can mount to the coil mounts or simply the frame.
  11. I removed the MT43's today and went back to MT21's - bike was just squirrely with the trials tires on it.
  12. Motosprtman

    Honda XL 250 Revival 1974

    They ran rich from the factory. Coupled with a rather weak 6V magneto ignition they can and will foul a plug. However! There is a fix dependent of course on how it is running now, and you want to dive back in that carb. Raise the needle to the second or even top notch in order to lean it out. IF the plug is black and sooty after this adjustment you may have the dreaded BSPS. (Black sooty plug syndrome) causes, low compression or cam timing off. They will run if the cam chain is off a tooth - albeit not well and it will idle poor if at all. If it is idling ok and plug is a nice tan color - then dismiss all of the above and just run it. if you can squeeze 70 MPH out of it with that rear sprocket it must be redlined and then some. Don't do that - unless you want to spread parts all over the place. Go back to 14/48 and ride it at 50MPH max 60 is screaming it. These are simple old bikes from a simpler time. In it's day it was the shit! albeit a heavy turd. I owned one new in 1973. I restore them now. The XL350 is the better bike. Engine is better in power. still not a dirt bike. Tons of mods over the years for these bikes and still have a following today. Enjoy it for what it is - as you are!
  13. Motosprtman

    Honda XL 250 Revival 1974

    Bike will love you long time - for fresh oil and regular changes, Looks like a Monster sized off road sprocket on it. Stock sprockets were 14/48. And even at that they were pretty busy at 50MPH - 5,000 RPM's. I would go back down to a 48 in the rear to lower your on road RPM's and make it cruise better. Check out XLintperformance.com for good stuff on XL's. Dave Rhynehart owner. He is a XLint XL guru. 18 HP was claimed originally. First 4 valve head. It is a dirt road bike. Easy single track trails. Fork seals and fresh oil will help. OEM shocks were crap. The engine is bulletproof, with as I said frequent oil changes and a clean air filter. Original carb is not the best and can be replaced with a 32mm Mikuni. Dave Rhynehart at XLINT can refer you to a tank restoration guy clean it out and paint it 350.00 or so... (Bones Cooper). Check your points and timing and a new plug NGK D8EA. It will never be a KTM 500EXC LOL!!!!
  14. Motosprtman

    1972 honda xl 250 oil leak

    I am experiencing the same thing on a 1975 XL350. Identical LH side covers. I even change the side cover only to have it leak worse! used a new gasket, with HONDA BOND> leaked at the bottom of the case. Sooooo I cleaned the surfaces to nice bright metal cleaned off and installed a new cometic gasket from Xlintperformance, and .... it still leaks. I am no back to installing the new gasket onto the side cover with HONDA BOND and the engine case side dry. Install using new allen head bolts for more torque than the original screws. AND adding LUCAS oil stop leak. That is my current plan. Waiting on the bolts to come in the mail. The only other thing it can be is a deformity on the engine case facing meaning you would have to split the cases and replace the half that is affected. Or the screw bosses are minutely cracked from years of being over torqued to stop a weep / leak. And again that is a case replacement to fix. So my hope lays in the above method of allen heads etc. When I got this bike it leaked but not bad. It got worse when I opened it up and tried to stop it. My 1974 XL350 leaks out the left side too, but if ran regularly it wont leak at all. watch for leaks from the cam chain adjuster and the clutch push rod seal too. The cam chain adjuster can drool and run down under the engine case and make you think it is the engine case when it is not. A leaking pushrod seal is a split of the cases to replace.
  15. Motosprtman

    Oil injection vs Premix

    original engineering works. Leave or reconnect the injection system and use a quality 2 smoke oil in your oil tank.
  16. Motosprtman

    CB125 piston in a TL125

    the TL I am working on is a 76. It has a one piece head. Don't know the history of the bike. Could be a earlier head was installed at one point in time. I now have a flat crown NOS .025 over piston and rings and am going to install and try again. The CB125 piston did indeed have a slight crown.
  17. Motosprtman

    Reviving a dead TL125

    old post - but I will add an update for historical information. A CB125 piston will not work in a TL125. The CB piston has a very slight dome and it hits the valves, The TL piston is flat. I know this because I tried it.and......... the 1976 TL I am working on is a one piece head.
  18. Motosprtman

    1986 Honda TLR200 Reflex with only 18 miles!

    I have one with 1,400 miles on it. Neat lil bike, I don't think I would ever ride it on the highway though, not much poop for that. Fun for everything else though.
  19. Motosprtman

    Honda XL 250 Revival 1974

    the 1975 tank is throwing me. LOL.... RED BLACK tank on a 1974, XL250K1.
  20. Motosprtman

    Honda XL 250 Revival 1974

    your bike is a 1975 XL250. Check XLINTPERFORMANCE.COM for model ID etc. the 1974 model had a silver tank and orange accent stripes with satin black down the center of the tank. Great bikes. They like fresh oil and kept that way as the cam rides on plain aluminum bushings in the head, no bearings.
  21. Motosprtman

    Operating Temp for XR650L?

    I run pretty consistent 200 degrees in summer. Lil less in winter. 20-50W oil. if I run 10-40W it goes up a tad. Uncorked. FMF Q4, and 6,100 miles on a 2005 XR650L. I did creep way up towards 300 sitting in traffic....one time. Got off onto side roads and it cooled right down.
  22. your bike should start on the choke (enrichener) cold, with no twists of the grip and go into a rapid idle. place the choke lever halfway back out and then in a few more moments to off. Bike should idle. If it does not do this you have an air leak and or a dirty carb.
  23. Motosprtman

    XL350 horse power?

    and a new DRZ 400 makes 32HP ...... time changes everything.
  24. Motosprtman

    2016 KTM 500 EXC

    so - I had a 2008 CRF450X powerhouse, stiff suspension - I affectionately called it crazy fast. I rode my 2004 XR250R more. I did not like the power delivery of the 450X. Sold it. Tried a used XR400R a tank enough said. I have a 2005 XR650L and a 2014 DRZ 400 but as we know not dirt bikes, tanks. Best for dirt roads mild trails. I kept looking at the KTM. Knowing it was all high end and supposedly the best. Like Penton was back in the day. So I bought one! 2016 KTM 500EXC and I love everything about it. My inner self tells me this is exactly as it is said to be a street legal dirt bike. It is not a dual sport. Therefore I am afraid to ride it on the street, thinking that may damage the engine. Or does it? my engineering head says, logically the KTM engineers will design it to do both. Is it fragile for street use? I would not think so a the demands off road are harder... what say you?
  25. Motosprtman

    What's faster a cr 500 or a xr650r?

    The CR500 through the gears in a drag race would KILL the XR650L. BAD.