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  1. No luck. Anyone else able to watch it? I am technologically challenged, so no surprise if it is something on my end.
  2. Says your video is blocked on copyright grounds. SME content? Wont let me watch.
  3. Had a great time. Special thanks to@bowhunter007 for helping me drag my bike out of a couple of precarious positions! That guy is a beast
  4. @tigertanker, would you mind sending me a PM with the location of the staging area for the 13th? I'm going to be out of town on business for the next two weeks. Without the kids and wife around, I will have plenty of time to do some poking around on Google earth and see where we are riding.
  5. Pencil me in! Work should slow down enough by then.
  6. Not much. I'm a bit hesitant because I hear it is mostly private or illegal. You have a spot?
  7. I'm in. Just tell me where to meet. Exit 38 off 90?
  8. I would like to get up in the mountains a few times. I am new to the mountains so I would be relying on others to show me around. But I should be able to keep up. Monday-Wednesday should be doable a couple times. Probably no overnighter for me though.
  9. I'm in Maple Valley. Wednesday next week may work for me. My job is super unpredictable though, so dont blackball me if I have to bail last minute. I'm plated, so let me know where to meet and hopefully it works out.
  10. I see it now. I got the notifications, so I should be good. Thanks, hope to finally get out with you guys soon. Work is so dang unpredictable, it is hard to schedule stuff.
  11. Is there a way to turn on notifications for this post? I am trying to make one of these weeks work to where I can ride with some new guys. Most my buddies are MX.
  12. Nothing worse that unloading the truck without ever riding. Feel like I got kicked in the nuts. Off to work I go. Yay!
  13. Got called in to work. I will try to make it to next week.
  14. I can bring something. Or I can just give you guys some money. Let me know.
  15. I am hoping to be there by 1. Looking forward to riding with you guys.
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