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  1. I am in the process of slowly repairing everything on my 230 that had been bought from a farmer and obviously had no love ever in its life. Anyway, as I pull off one thing, fix it, reinstall it and then ride around again, I keep coming back to it not being the most aesthetically pleasing 230 on the planet. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for sticker kits leave 'em below. FYI: I would like to keep it as stock looking as possible maybe even use the sticker kits from the last couple years of motorbike.
  2. So does that mean i should have the piston after tdc when the 0 is at the mark or before tdc? Also how do i know if the chain is too stretched to use? Will that be when the tensioner does not enable the chain to be tight? Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone, I have an XR75 that I am rebuilding, I have finished the bottom end and am working on the top end. When I try to line up the TDC mark on the flywheel and put the timing chain on the cam sprocket, the 0 mark is slightly offset to the right, so then I turn the sprocket and move it around one link to the left and then the mark is slightly offset to the left. How do I know what is right and what is wrong because there surely is no possible way to get it to line up perfect in my situation. Thanks
  4. StreamZ

    Drowned Honda CRF230F

    I have to drive a good 2 hrs to get to a good automotive shop lol. Also, some of my mates that have had this happen say to flush a couple times then just run it till the water evaporates
  5. StreamZ

    Drowned Honda CRF230F

    I think i might try and buy some off the internet and get it here before the end of the week
  6. StreamZ

    Drowned Honda CRF230F

    Welp theres a funny story to that. Because i only had expensive oil ut was the only way i could flush out the water and i personally think that $20-30 for 2 flushes is cheaper than a rebuild and another reason is where i live, there is no automotive type stores so i wouldve had to wait until the weekend to get even cheap oil. My question is, is it worth keeping on flushing the oil until clear then put the remaining 1 litre of good oil i habe or ride the bike for a while and try to evaporate the water out
  7. StreamZ

    Drowned Honda CRF230F

    K guys. The engines running and i have already drained the original oil, put more in went for a quick spin came back and drained again with same milky consistency. Topped her up once more and was wondering if i should drain it again. (I am using quite expensive oil too)
  8. Hi everyone, earlier today i was riding along a river and the sand beside me fell away and my '05 CRF230F went into the water at about medium/medium-high revs and got filled with water, and obviously drowned. It was close to night time and i could only leave it on a bank to go home for the night. I was wondering if there is a chance of a rod being bent or something substantial have occurred. Will leaving it until tomorrow (I live in Victoria, Australia) afternoon or the day after be detrimental to the engine and if so what should i do in the morning on the way to work quickly. FYI, the engine did not stop really abruptly, it slowed down gradually and then stopped (if that changes anything). Thanks for considering the question, any replies and advice is much appreciated.