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  1. Yzfireguy15

    Financing New Bike or Buy Used?

    I believe anything that falls in the “want”category shouldn’t be financed. Need items like a home & car are different. Save ! Save ! Save ! I’m 43 now and am grateful for my fiscal responsibility over the years. Not saying don’t get a bike, just pay cash when you can .
  2. Yzfireguy15

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Definitely want to try out Interlake and Red Bird ..
  3. Yzfireguy15

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Looks awesome! I can’t wait for the invite.. although I’m a very novice rider on a bike other than road use . I spent the last 10 years on Honda 450 quad and had a blast ! Bought my first bike in September, 2018 Yz250 and Loving it ! I can’t wait for spring .
  4. Yzfireguy15

    Sunday fab day

    You are correct I used 1/4 inch plate . I’ve also been guilty of overbuilding things so I know what you mean. Once this was bolted in 3 spots it’s solid !
  5. Yzfireguy15

    Sunday fab day

    That’s $150 I can spend on the silencer / spark arrestor I need . I think the Turbine Core 2 is what I’m getting.
  6. Yzfireguy15

    Sunday fab day

    I copied this just made some changes for what I had laying around.
  7. Yzfireguy15

    Sunday fab day

    Thanks ! They are $150 for the Truck buddy brand .
  8. Why spend $150 on Truck buddy when we had everything in the scrap pile . Just gotta clean it up and shoot it with bed liner .
  9. Yzfireguy15

    Cleaning a Bike

    I take my plastics off before every ride .. Duh
  10. Yzfireguy15

    Cleaning a Bike

    Naturally.... Never make that mistake again.
  11. Yzfireguy15

    Cleaning a Bike

    I use the tears of 100 virgins applied with butterfly wings. Leaves a shine like you wouldn’t believe!
  12. Yzfireguy15

    Throttle Hand Going Numb

    You are 100 percent correct in your conclusion. I suffered with CT for a long time and that only made it worse . CT will not heal itself , nor can it be corrected with seat time. It’s easy to confuse arm pump and pinched nerves with CT. What pushed me to have the surgery was the pain I experienced at night! That was an absolute bitch ! Having the surgery was totally worth it, the recovery isn’t bad either.
  13. Yzfireguy15

    Slip on Exhaust for 2018 YZ250?

    More spooge ? Why’s that ?